Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Squire's Workshop

Well my time in the UK seems to be flying by.
This past weekend I spent a two day workshop- making flowers from Cold Porcelain- with Alan Dunn.
For those of you who don't know of Alan- his work speaks volumes for himself. His ability to recreate stunning floral displays in both Sugar and cold Porcelain- is amazing.

Alan was a great teacher- and got everyone to create a fabulous piece by the end of only 2 days!
A mixed group from various places in the UK and the corners of the Globe- came together to learn from Alan!

We made some gorgeous Masdevallia and Spider Orchids- as well as Dogwood berries, mattress vine and Tillandsia Air plants.

I have never made flowers from Cold porcelain before- but is is a fantastic medium.
It is allot kinder to being stretched really thin and hot hands.

The cold porcelain is also quite flexible- and no where near as delicate as sugar- allowing it to be easily transported. I carried my arrangement home in a plastic bag- wrapped in kitchen towel- and it worked a treat!

I look forward to coming home and playing more with this medium!

I feel like I spent the weekend taking ( very expensive) public transport- as I stayed in London- seeing as tough the hotel I had originally chosen wasn't "quite" sure about the booking that I had made! In the end though- our new hotel was fabulous- I am sure it was meant to be!

If there ever is a next time at Squires- I will be sure to stay in London- and factor in the exorbitant train fares!

I also had a chance to look through the Squires shop- which had a big range of cake decorating supplies to choose from. I only bought a few items- as I am very conscious of my bag weight limit already!

I came back to Edinburgh last night- after getting to have my very first "QANTAS CLUB" experience! OMG!!!! This place is fantastic! Although this was the British Airways version at Gatwick ( a rather less equipped one according to my sister) - I was still totally impressed by the free bar and little help yourself snacks! Love it!! Love It! Love it!!!
Now all I need to do is take more QF/BA flights!

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