Thursday, 24 July 2008

Holiday Shennanigans...... In Harrods!

OK- to Say I am having an utter Ball on this trip- is a blatant understatement!
Not only am I getting to Trip around some very famous cake places- I am also getting to sample the goods! For those of you who know me will also know that my exercise regime will have to go into overdrive once I return- to recover from my eating blowout!!
Anyway- I think I may as well enjoy myself whilst I can!

On My first weekend over here- I headed into London- to my all time favourite food court- in the entire world- Harrods!! 10 years ago when My Husband and I came here- I spent 70 pounds on individual patisserie items! Woops! Suffice to say- not much- in regards to my self control- has changed!

I spent close to 3 hours in Harrods- Looking- eating- and perhaps even trying on a really expensive item of clothing or two!

If you have ever been into the Harrod's food court- all I can say is you are missing out!
There is not only every cake and chocolate imaginable- but every type of cuisine available or purchase!

This time around- I only ate a Huge Ice cream ( that I actually shared with Kate) and ginger bread man! I did spend hours eyeig off each and every creation though!The Chocolates were amazing- but seeing as though I arrived in Belgium today- I am planning on sampling a few- for Comparison sake!

I am sure to roll home with all of the Luxury foods I am being confronted with!!

Hopefully I ill be able to add a couple of more stories in the coming days- as I currently have internet access!
If you see two girls around Belgium with chocolate fingers eating Waffles- Give us a wave!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah:
I came acros your site by reading the extra icing blog by Aine2, you are doing all the things I would love to do one day, buy I love that through your pictures and comments some of us can relive them with you.
I got hook to your site, I read all your posts, you are sooo creative, I can't believe you design all those cakes on you own.
Thank you for sharing all your creations.
Vilma (I live in Sydney)