Saturday, 19 July 2008

A quickie... But A Goodie!!!!

My finished couple!

OK- for all of you regular readers- here is a very very quick account of my Lorraine McKay Workshop.

Lorraine and I!

I will write a full story in the coming week- but for now time is short- and I am busting to share!
I got to meet some really fabulous ladies- and Lorraine's husband Andy- and have an absolute blast too!

Kelly- from Ireland and I! She is so tinee tiny!

I was so pleased with my final product- I cannot wait to get home and practice some more!

The fabulous bunch- from Left- Sarah- Lorraine Me ( behind Lorraine) Kelly and Fiona!!

There were four Students in the class- Sarah ( from Scotland) Myself, Kelly ( A Londoner living in cork Ireland ;)) and Fiona- from the Isle of Skye! We all made our way to West Calder about 30 miles out of Edinburgh. As eclectic as the group may have seemed- we all got on like a house on fire! I really hope theses girls keep in touch!

I will write a full story of my unforgettable two days ASAP!!

SJ ;)

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