Monday, 28 July 2008

MMMM Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Inside one of the numerous patisseries in Bruges!

For those of you who have been following my trip- today is my last day in Belgium :(

I have certainly made the most of my 5 days here though- as everyday I have indulged in a handmade Belgian Chocolate- or 2 ;) as well as trying all of the other staples of the country!

Although the smell of waffles is glorious to most- after over indulging in them, I am now begining to feel a little queazy whenever I walk past a waffle shop! I LOVE nutella- and when you can have almost half a jar on top of your waffle- it sounds great- and tastes great to start off with- but in the end- it is just a bit too much! Plain freshly cooked crisp hot waffles- though- are fantastic!My First Nutella Waffle!

For those of you who have been to Belgium- the line up of shops is generally- Chocolate shop- waffle shop- Fritz shop- and Beer Tavern, where you can get some traditional Mussels. This is repeated all over the country- so temptation often got the better of me!

I tried to have a chocolate free day today- but when the maid leaves two Belgian chocolate on your pillow- it would be rude to leave them there- wouldn't it??

Some handmade Truffles from Bruges!

My body went into meltdown last night- after almost 4 days of over indulgence- I knew I had to stop and eat something "real". So today I have continued this - with the exception of the pillow choccies- and am feeling allot better for it!

With less than 2 days before I get onto the plane to head home- I cannot believe how fast my trip has gone!

I have really enjoyed my time in Belgium! I went to Antwerp today- where it is Diamond central. They replaced a few chocolate shops with about 10 diamond traders- another temptation that was hard to resist! I did walk away without any extra "bling" but it was very hard!
Never mind- I am sure there will be a next time!

Now all I have to do is go and try and fit all of my shopping into my bags- for my flight back to Edinburgh tomorrow! I am glad they only weigh the baggage- and not the passegers