Saturday, 29 March 2008

Cheeky Onlookers......

It is not every time that I deliver a cake that I have someone watching over my shoulder. I will always see the function coordinator- some times even the new clients being shown through the venue- whilst it is all set up- but I have never had such a graceful bunch as today!

It was at the last venue of the day- Brett's Wharf- where I not only had the staff in awe of the cupcakes I was setting up- but when I went to set the second cake in the restaurant- I notice a small group of Pelicans floating over towards the rivers edge- for a bit of a gander! My husband thought I was a bit mad taking their picture- but hey, although they are probably seething with lice- they are so cute!

This is the first time I have ever had two cakes on the same day at Brett's Wharf! One less delivery run to make!!

I unfortunately never go a shot of the second cake- it was going to be dressed with fresh flowers- by the florist, once they had set the room- so fingers crossed the Bride and Groom will be able to send me through a picture ;)

The other cake for Brett's Wharf was Cupcakes- Vanilla cupcakes, with either a Mocha or Cream coloured icing. The remaining flowers form the bouquets and center pieces were used to decorate the top tier and the stand- leaving a fresh and lovely design that suited the elegance and simplicity of the room.

My first delivery today was to Wantima Country Club- I had never actually set a cake there before, so a brand new venue to see excited me!
The Brides Parents were at the Venue sorting out the final details as I set the cake in place. A tower of Vanilla and Chocolate Butter cupcakes, branded with their initials- all in line with their Red Black and Ivory theme!
A cute cartoon couple standing on top of the top tier- with the couples name, and a spray of wire hearts to finish!

The last- but certainly not least- cake design for today has become one of my favourites. This plain iced four tier cake, banded with a 1" chocolate brown ribbon, with a diamonte buckle in the centre, and a monogram initial plaque on the top- is such a timeless design. My photography- however- just doesn't seem to do it justice!

With wedding season on full swing, I am flat out- and fully booked now through to the middle of May. My apologies to all of though people looking for cakes in the coming weeks, Unfortunately I am unable to help this time! If only there were 2 of me! LOL!!

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