Sunday, 16 March 2008

Full Circle...

When I first started cake decorating- I made cakes for family and friends. From there it became friends of friends- and so on and so forth- until I decided that I should actually make a full time business of it!

This week I had the privilege of making a wedding cake for one of my suppliers. Emma- one of the florists whom I regularly buy flowers from- was married yesterday!
When I arrived at the Northside flower market on Friday to collect flowers- Emma was there creating the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen! It was also the largest bouquet I had ever seen too! So it was hardly a surprise when I opened her cake flowers to find three stunning little posies to place onto her cake!
The entire cake itself was Gluten free- with the top and base layers being a gluten free fruit cake- and the middle layer being a white chocolate Almond and raspberry Gluten free cake too! The reception was held at a funky wine bar in Scarborough- and was adorned with more glorious blooms too!

Congratulations Emma and Scott! I hope they had a truly magical day!

When I was setting the flowers up- I really liked the look of the single spray of flowers too- just for something a little different! What do you think???


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Sarah Jane
Feel much honoured to write the first comment on your blog site. Greetings to you from Botswana, wheere I currently reside. Your cakes are exquisite,beautiful and i will have the oppurtinity to learn much from you.The flawless visual appeal makes me feel so happy to write a comment on your site.Thanks for sharing and i hope i can ask you for help, anytime!

Anonymous said...

Simply elegant - nothing extra required.