Monday, 17 March 2008

Green Day...

Being the resident cake maker- means that not only do I get the pleasure of making cakes for friends and family- but I also get to make cakes when I have a get together too!

My sister is currently home from the UK and suggested that we have a BBQ to celebrate St Paddy's Day! So I rounded up all of our friends and family- for an especially Green themed St Paddy's BBQ!

Of course no BBQ would be complete without dessert- so one easy to serve cupcake tower was in order. With a request for a can of Guinness as a cake, and then little mini cupcakes underneath to finish things off!
With 14 kids at the party- these little cakes were a big hit- and to my surprise they even ate the cake too- and not just the icing as usual!

So even after a big week- I still got to make a cake for everyone to enjoy! With it all pulled together on Saturday night- the last minute effort worked well in the end!

Wishing every one a Happy St Patrick's day!

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