Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Day Tripping......

This past weekend- saw me spend All of Saturday- through to 6pm at night delivering cakes!!
I usually don't deliver cakes that late- but by special request- I hand delivered a cake to a private Charter boat, just prior to the guests arrival. On what had been a mostly fine day- the rain- of course- had to come down, just as I delivered a cake that had to be carried 200m out to the boat dock! Needless to say the cake was fine, just myself and my husband were a little damp.

I am beginning to get allot of repeat requests for cakes I have done on the past- this week included one of my favourites- Martha's Magic. Originally inspired by a cake on the cover of a Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine, this design wonderfully combines chocolate with rolled fondant. With the base and second tier wrapped in a solid marbled chocolate collar- and chocolate satin bows on the other tiers- this cake is not only huge- but looks fabulous!

Designs like this aren't easily created. Finding the right sized film to work with the chocolate- and also having to be super neat- as not to spill the chocolate onto the sugar paste and stain it- kept me on my toes for sure. After delivering all 2okg+ of this cake to Gianni's in the city, safe and sound, I was back delivering again!

The next stop was the Downtown Rugby Club where, after talking with a parking inspector- so that she wouldn't book me whilst I delivered the cakes- I delivered this gorgeous Three tier white contemporary style design.

With each tier twisted, white sugar roses, and a quited top tier- this cake was really pretty and elegant!

Another favourite for the week was this three tier chocolate design. With smooth and level white chocolate chards- and Ivory roses and petals to decorate- this was a real "Wedding" chocolate cake.

This week is already speeding by!
I had better get back to it!!

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