Saturday, 8 March 2008

Blushing Divine!

Todays weddings all had shared something in common- Blush pink Roses!

The First cake delivered today was to the Indooroopilly Golf Club- where the unique "Mummy" design was the cake of choice.
I first made this design a few years back- when I had a display cake for a Bridal store. I thought it was unusual- but someone may like it out there- and it has been a hit ever since. I have made this cake now more than a handful of times- and despite its uniqueness- it still seems to appeal to many couples. Many people describe its look- like an opening rose- so the scattered sugared fresh rose petals that fall gently over the layers- are a likely fit.

The next design was a true "Wedding" design. Everything about this cake oozes class and romance. The classic Black flat bows, coupled with the gorgeous fresh blush pink roses , creating a cake that towered over 60cm high- once complete.
Although the end result is stunning- I was disappointed when I arrived at the venue to find the cake table on a huge lean. Unfortunately the function coordinator couldn't understand why I would be asking for the table to be level- I mean- I was only stacking hundreds of dollars worth of cake and fresh flowers on it!
Leaning cake tables are something that really bugs me. It is like many venues have little to no concern as to the functionality of the actual table- so long as it is clothed and dressed as the clients have directed. This happens on an all too often basis- even at venues where you would expect nothing but the best. A wonky table, holding a 20kg+ cake, that is delicately engineered to stand upright, needs level and firm support- it is not an option, and whilst I request in order for me to successfully deliver the cake on the day- all I ask is that the venue provide a clean, clothed and level table- more times than I care to remember- I have been greeted with wonky, unstable tables. Hopefully the Bride and Groom only see this cake from the front on, and I doubly hope that the dodgy leveling job- done by the venue- holds up!
If you are wondering why the cake was set up on the table after all- the actual floor of the venue is what is uneven- leaving no other option than to do the best we could.

And to complete the Rose trio- I delivered another supremely popular design, which the clients had supplied their own fresh roses for the cake! I was delighted to see that they had almost the exact same roses, as what I had previously used!
This base cake design looks so pretty- with the fresh roses completing the picture!

Brisbane has turned on a magnificent week of weather- and I hope all of my Couples this week had a truly magical Wedding!

I still have one wedding tomorrow- and then I start again on Monday!

Have a great week- and thank you for reading my rant/Blog ;))

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