Saturday, 8 March 2008

Leaving on a Jet plane....

For those of you who noticed I missed out on last weeks blog- I do have a valid excuse!
one of my sisters has been traveling overseas- for the past 12 months- and is on a fleeting trip home.
Last Sunday morning- I was the only family member- to make it to the airport in time to greet my sister! Luckily she didn't mind just me at the airport after 12 months away!

My sister Kate is a Big supporter of what I do (my whole family is- but Kate kept up to date with EVERY design I made whilst she was away!), so when she come home I surprised her with a Suitcase and globe cake- that I had thrown together the night before! The caricature of Kate has been likened to "Dora the Explorer" by my husband- but none the less- Kate really loved it! I even piped all of the countries she has visited, so far, on the board.

As it is only a fleeting visit- I am going to combine a trip to the UK to build my Skills as a decorator- and visit Kate at the same time.

I have had nothing but lovely warm responses over the past few months- as I have been organising some Tuition for my stay. With Just over 4 months until I leave- I am eager to get there and meet some of the wonderful decorators the UK has to offer!
Before I leave though- I am actually going to two courses with Debbie Brown!
I am heading to Sydney in the last weekend of June to do two days with her at Planet cake in Sydney. Although my skill level may exceed the requirement for the courses- I am delighted to get the experience to meet Debbie Brown- and the Team at Planet cake too!

Being able to meet and learn from fellow decorators really excites me! So once I get back from my month of Cake decorating tuition- I will be eager to use my newfound techniques!
I have one definite cake decorator I am going to learn from- Lorraine from Icing on the Cake!
She also has a blog that you can view here!

Unfortunately this means that for the better part of July I am unable to take any orders- But will be back in August with loads of new ideas, and looking for willing clients to try them out on!

I will keep you all up to date on what I will be learning and where- so you too can share in the excitement of new cake decorating ideas!
Counting down until I leave on a Jet plane!!!

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