Thursday, 27 March 2008

All Squared up!

Well even though it is almost time for next weeks blog entry- i thought I would put a bonus one in relating to a cake from last week.

As many of you may or may not be aware- Cake That! can contribute its success through much love and care- from not only me- but my family too.
Every Saturday (and more recently many Sunday's) My husband- Steve- gives up his day to help me deliver and set up Wedding and Special event cakes. To say he is super fastidious is merely and understatement. He would have to be my harshest critic- in a constructive way of course!

Steve lining up each and every cake- the concentration on his face says it all!

So on each of the trips we make to deliver and set up cakes- he is there making sure Everything is how it should be- the full 5 start treatment to each and every design!
On Easter Sunday I actually had 2 cakes to deliver- this one was a Cupcake tree- where I managed to snap a shot of Steve measuring up and lining up each and every cake on the stand! Getting a cupcake stand to look picture perfect- isn't as simple as just "bunging" them onto the stand "willy nilly" and hoping for the best. Precise placement of each and every cake makes the stand look elegant- and professionally set (as it should).
Even when I think I have all the cakes set perfectly- Steve can always find a millimeter or two for adjustments ;))

This particular tower was harder to set than usual- seeing that there is two sizes of cakes- mini and regular, coupled with the two contrasting flavours - getting a balanced professional finish demanded a keen eye for detail. In the end it looked so pretty!

The finished product- complete with fresh Singapore orchids to decorate- Just Lovely!

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