Monday, 22 September 2008

The week that was....Huge!

As you may have read in my last post- I had a pretty busy weekend- just gone! With all bar one of the cakes for Saturday weddings- OH and a surprise 70th Birthday too!

But to begin the post- Meet Toffee!

This is the resident Labrador at "The Old Church" at Mt Tambourine! And he is HUGE!!! And oh so cute! When my husband and I went to the venue to set up the gorgeous cupcakes- Toffee patiently waited to see if he too was going to be offered a cupcake! My husband assured me by the size of him that there was no doubt he had sampled one or two in the past- and certainly knew what they were! Sadly- for poor old toffee- no cupcakes for dogs were on offer :((

He did watch me set up this cupcake tower though! A gorgeous 5 tier stand filled with pale pink and white roses.
The next cupcake tower doesn't quite have the soft romantic effect of the previous one- but I am certain it would have been an ogled center piece.
When given the colours of Bright orange and Lime green- for a 70th Birthday- I was a little dubious as to what the theme was- especially for a lady. But when the clients came and collected the cakes- all was revealed! They were having a surprise 70th birthday - in a "Pop Art" theme! The daughter of the birthday girl had arranged and "Andy Warhol" style green and orange picture of her mum for her birthday- and had themed the party around this.

I am certain that the set up at the actual party would not have been as symmetrical as this- rather more random with the colour placement- to suit the theme.

I had the pleasure this week of also making the wedding cake for the sister of one of the florists at Northside Flower Market!
Oraniya(sp?) had wired some gorgeous champagne roses for her sisters vintage themed cake.
Trimmed on Black lace- this Ivory three tier cake had a real sophisticated elegance about it!

Held at the Greek club- and set on a mirrored table- this cake was simply stunning! Showing style does not have to be complicated.

I also had the pleasure of having not one- but three Clients in common with the beautiful Karen from Bliss floral! I will post the other cakes separately- with their stories to follow!
After a long day of delivering- I met up with Karen at Victoria Park- to put this next cake together! This cake had a double barrel base ( dark macadamia mud) with a single top tier ( white raspberry Mud).

This cake looked so fresh- the epitome of spring!
Iced in a whipped white chocolate ganache- this cake had vertical palette marks- and white organza ribbon. The room was stunning- all white with large Singapore orchid centerpieces!

Romance is always a common theme with weddings- and why wouldn't it be! A day celebrating a couple's love for each other- often symbolised with roses and hearts.

This red velvet rose cupcake tower looked and smelt divine! Each cupcake was baked into a red cupcake paper- with a simple butter cream swirl on top. The roses were heavily scented- and together with the chocolate and butter cream- made for a deliciously scented centerpiece!

The next love fuelled design is a three tier square version of the "french kicker". With filigree hearts covering all of the tiers. The ribbons that banded each tier were made by the dressmaker to match the bridesmaids gown.

As is this cake looks great to me- but the Bride and groom also added some wired hearts in the event colours ( deep purple/navy and silver).

The venue was the Chifley at Lennon's! One of my fabulous friends works there (as a Chef!) so it was really exciting to be able to supply a cake where she works!

Only one cake featured cake toppers this week- and what a set they were! The groom is a massive Manchester United fan- so his little cartoon figure was made wearing his soccer outfit- complete with his tattoos- and with his foot resting on a soccer ball! The bride was decked out in all of her bridal attire- where both of the toppers stood- on top of a three tier cake.

Black white and red was the theme- so with the white chocolate- a black ribbon and strawberries for decoration- all colours were coloured! The Strawberries this week were some of the sweetest I have ever eaten!

With summer coming so fast this past week and a bit- my Air conditioning has been running full time!
There was no time for rest on Sunday- as I had my last cake to deliver- in the 30degC heat- before I could relax!
This blue and cream cupcake tower looked great as it sat in the Summit restaurant overlooking the city!

A tower of white choc chip mud cupcakes with a single blue sugar heart on each cake!

I am still feeling the effects of all of the cakes I did last weekend! I am ready for a nap! This week brings me some more great cakes- beginning on Friday- so no rest just yet!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you certainly are busy, how do you do that many cakes all on your own, they are great. I love the double barrel cake. Is that actually 4 cakes on the bottom and two cakes on the top tier to get that look or do you have special high cake tins?

Sarah-Jane said...

Thank you for your kind words.
The cake you have mentioned has two cakes on the base tier- and a single layer top tier. I bake each cake around 9cm high- just your normal cake tins from a cake decorating shop.
Happy baking

The Cake Maker said...

Hi Sarah-Jane, I love seeing your cakes each week... but I too am amazed at how you can produce so many drop-dead gorgeous creations, do the deliveries and setups... you are like Cake Wonder Woman! :O)