Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Benefits of Friends...........

After getting the chance to create the fabulous "chocolate Mountain" for Carly and Dom the other week- I was desperate to recreate the cake in ether a Milk or Dark chocolate!
So- as it was my very good friend- Tanya K's- Birthday (yesterday) I decided that perhaps I could make the cake for her!!
Well with a gentle twist of Tanya's arm- it was set- I could make that cake for her- in a smaller version- of course!
It started off smaller- seriously it did- there isn't even half the amount of cake in this version as was in the original- but the height was almost the same!

This cake was more than satisfaction to my curiosity- I also was able to make a step by step demonstration and video- for the fellow members of the Sugar Craft Guild forum!

So on Sunday afternoon- at Tanya's Birthday BBQ- I got to present the Milk chocolate version of the mountain cake!
I have so many versions of this cake design in my head- that I need another dozen or so people to order it so that I can satisfy my creative mind!
I have been lucky enough to make Tanya's cake for the past 3 years- and each year she has let me make her a really unique cake! I have promised her though- that next year I will "tone" it down- so that her friends and family don't think I am some cake making freak! A suitable round birthday cake- with an inscription is on the cards for her next birthday for sure!
It was hard to find the place to put a candle on this cake- although Sparklers out the top could have made a Volcano effect???

If you look really closely there is a candle in amongst the chocolate scrolls on top!

So a very Happy Birthday to the Wonderful TK! And a huge Thank you to her parents Lance and Sharon- for a fabulous BBq too!
Til Next year! :))


tanya k said...

sj i cant believe u put that stupid photo of me on there! lol it was an amazing cake and im glad that you finially admitted how massive it was for a small bbq of 12 people.
next year i want a tier for each person. NO SLACKING OFF we had to share. can u imagine! it was horrible.
The cake was absolutly fantastic and i cant wait for your birthday we have a suprise in store for u:P

anyway i had better to get back to work and cook something.
thanks again S-J ur are an amazing friend!! love u lots

Sarah-Jane said...


You are hilarious! You know I will make you a 25 tier high cake for your 25th in a couple of years! I will just have to get Steve working on the stand to hold it up!

Anytime TK ;))