Saturday, 6 September 2008


Big Bertha! My Biggest cake ever!

Whilst I spent many a night recently dreaming about this cake- today my dreams became reality- as I delivered and set up this monster!

To give you some statistics- this cake has over 10kg of chocolate in it ( including Ganache)- I used more than 45 eggs- more than 8kg sugar- around 250ml of pure vanilla, and around 10kg rolled fondant- resulting in a cake that weighed around 50kg!!!
Because of its sheer size- the cake had to be constructed at the venue! I set off this morning to to fabulous Snug Harbour- Dockside- and set putting the cake together! Left to my own devices- without a crowd of watching eyes- I put the cake together piece by piece until it was all done!

I started by firstly making sure thatthe table was strrong enough and level- Check!
Then I placed the base layer down- a triple stacked 11" square Jaffa mud cake- around 30cm in height on its own!
Then I placed supporting dowels in place- then some royal icing- and place dthe next layer on. A triple stacked 8" square White chocolate and Raspberrry Mud cake- also standing around 30cm in height!
Next I place the double stacked Bourbon Mudcake on top! Viola- the cake was taking shape!!!!

I then placed the ribbons onto the cake- the theme colours were: Chocolate Brown- Baby Blue, Ivory and Gold- so seeing as thoughthe room was dresed with chocolate and blue- I banded the baseof the cakes the same!

Next was the flower placement! I made 40 sugar roses in varying sizes and colurs- as well as 6 Ivory Lilies to trail over the design. The cake also had teardrop Swarovski crystals hanging from Ribbons on each tier- which gave a beautifuk sparkle look! I wa sgoing to interweave them amongstthe flowers- but they seemed to get "lost" so I left them hanging a different intervals- which- I think- looks so pretty!

After over an Hour of placing the cake together- it was complete!!!!!

Standing around 90cm high This is not the Tallest cake I have done- but it is the Biggest Cake- that is all cake- no pillars!!!

I really hope that Libby and Jeremy have a fabulous wedding with this show stopping cake!

To give you some height perspective- this is me (all 163cm of me) standing beside the finished product!

After this big cake- and the other deliveries i made today- I will have to get back to you all with my other favourites from this week! But for now- this one definitely Takes the cake!!!!


Kelly Cope said...

It's fabulous Sarah, but OMG, it weighs more than I do!!!!

The Cake Maker said...


WOW that is one amazing cake! Brilliant!

Libby said...

haha thanks Sarah, it was a fab cake - we are still eating it

Sarah-Jane said...

Still a year later!!! hahhaha! Glad you enjoyed it! and a huge happy first anniversary to you both!