Sunday, 7 September 2008

A splash of colour!

After the "big" cake- I still had work to do!
I love this cake design so much- I am thinking f making a display cake the same!
This three tier cake- in a soft powder blue- with white "box lid" and a Ivory satin finish ow is just gorgeous!

This cake is for a couple- who I have never met- who organised everything through the Internet- for their wedding which was held last night up at EBB waterfront restaurant!
This venue is so great! Tucked away on the riverfront at Maroochydore- it is light and fresh- with such an air of style!
It was so windy when I delivered the cake- I can only imagine how much the Bride's veil would have been blowing!
I hope that Emily and Tim had a fantastic wedding- Thank you for choosing such a fabulous cake!

The next cake is a little "shabby chic" style cupcake tower! This reception was held in the same room at Indooropilly Golf course as a cake I did just last week!
The event decorators looked on in awe when I was setting up- loving how cute each cupcake was! The roses on top of each cake were premade- but the ones on top were handmade! Matching the colours of the roses was a success!

The next tower had such a fabulous scent- that even I wanted to sneak a cupcake!
With a choice between White raspberry cupcakes- or citrus poppy seed- with citrus butter cream- all I can say is "which one would you choose??"

Each cake had a pale pink butterfly on top- and silk frangipanis on the top tier!

I still have one cake to deliver today!

This pale pink cake- with white draping- will be finished off with Fresh orchids- at the venue!
A week of colourful cakes indeed!

Here's looking forward to next week!


Anonymous said...

hi I love your blog and can't wait to read it every week. I was just wondering if you use butter in your whipped white choc ganache, as some recipes say to and other don't. I thought I would ask you first, (as your the expert), before I tried to make it for the first time.

Sarah-Jane said...

Yes I do use butter in my Whipped white chocolate Ganache- but you can just whip the ganache of you like!

Ingrid Munoz said...

Hi Sarah, That blue&white box cake is so gorgeous, it will make a stunning display cake..