Saturday, 20 September 2008

Cake That! Shennanigans!!!!!!!

A cupcake for Steve to take to work on Friday!

Well this week has been not all about cakes for clients.
This week we also celebrated my Dad's birthday- and seeing as though my sister is home from the UK- and over here helping me with some bookwork- She also volunteered?? to make my dad a cake for his birthday!
To set the scene- it is late (I mean very close to 6pm) on Thursday afternoon- and while I had baked the cupcakes- Kate decided that perhaps she could have a go at decorating them - seeing as though I was knee deep in cakes for clients- and we we meant to be at the restaurant by 7.30pm!

So with instructions on how to make butter cream- Kate set off to make her creation for dad! I asked Kate " Do you have a design for the cupcakes in mind??" "Blue- and the rest I will just make up as I go along" replied Kate!!!!!!!!!! Personally I couldn't stress enough to Kate the importance if not "winging" something like a cake design- but hey- it was only for family- right???After riffling through all of my decorations- and unwilling to create some cool toppings- I left Kate to her devices to come up with the cake!

This is how great cupcakes by Kate begin!

Kate wasn't entirely satisfied with the job of Birthday cake maker- she also wanted to become the poster child for "Cake That!". After almost two years of traveling- Kate loves to pose- to get the absolute right shot to capture the essence of the moment! Righto!

Me showing Kate how it is done! LOL!!!!!!

So After Kate whipped up her Blue Butter cream- not as bright as what she would have liked- but at least we all didn't end up with a blue tongue for a week! Then it was onto the actual topping!! I did attempt to show Kate some piping techniques- but never fear- you will always end up with something beautiful- when it is made with love! Won't you??

Kate "capturing" me icing a cake- all Styled up- for the shot!

With 4 flavours of cakes made- Kate decided on four designs too- each flavour having one of the designs:

The first (dubbed something similar to a pride flag) is the cupcake iced in palette butter cream- then with rows of coloured sugar- neatly done- but the colour symmetry may need a little work!
Next was the 54- made from the large silver cachous! Even Kate remembered how cheap these things were in Belgium- 11 euros per Kilo- here they are $80 per kilo- so she used them sparingly!
The next design was more coloured sugar- I think someone was getting tired if designing!
And then last but not least was a technique not employed by Cake That!- but something that Kate worked out for herself- put a spoonful of plain butter cream into a plastic freezer bag- then pierce a tiny hole in the end- and viola! A "piping bag"! Not that I don't have like 100 disposable piping bags- and every size and shaped piping nozzle available- but nifty indeed!

Kate proudly posing with her creation!

Once we tidied the mess- we got ready to head off to dinner- Did I mention we were enjoying authentic Thai with these colourful cupcakes??
So off down the road to our local Thai restaurant- Siri Thai ( Possibly the greatest Thai in Brisbane) where all 12 of us enjoyed dinner- and then the cupcakes! I don't think the quiet unassuming Thai restauratuers were ready for our family whirlwind! As everyone arrived- Kate proudly displayed her cakes. She did do a great job- but it was so funny hearing the "OH??" from my Aunt when the box was revealed! LOL!!!
We ate dinner and then Sang "Happy Birthday"- followed by cake consumption! I think that the family was pleasantly surprised as only a few cakes lay left over!

Here is my dad enjoying Kates "D" cupcake!

Kate and Alex eating one each for the team!

The remenants of the cupcakes at the nights end!

We have all been fans of Cake wrecks lately- Kate Hoping that her cakes "don't" make it onto the site!

So Whilst I do have to work to finish the cakes each week- there is some time for a bit of play!

With the cake week almost over- I have only one wedding tomorrow- It is almost time for my real blog post about my cakes from this week!

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