Tuesday, 3 June 2008

No Camera!!!

As a general rule- I take a picture of EVERY cake I make- whether I have made the design 10 times or not.
This weekend- when I headed out to deliver cakes- I forgot my camera!!! I did have my sugar encrusted mobile- which has a camera, but fro the following pictures- you will notice the distinct sugar glaze over the lens! ;))

The first design is a three tier cake, each tier twisted, with clusters of fresh flowers over the tiers.
This cake was for a Wedding at the Stamford Plaza- for a lovely Bride who had to postpone her wedding for 12 months! So on Saturday- she finally got to be a Bride! Congratulations Jodie!

The Next cake was for a wedding held up at the Summit- Mt Cootha- a lovely set room awaited the guests. The Function Coordinator- Yalana- was holding her breath that the rain would hold off- for the ceremony that was planned outside! After a very overcast day- no rain came down- thank goodness!

On Sunday I had a Cupcake Christening cake!
With a Biscuit/Blue/White theme, these mini cupcakes looked fab!
The stripes coordinated with the invitation design.
With a choice of Vanilla white chocolate, or White Raspberry- mixed with 3 different toppings- surely you would have to try more than one??

For a few weeks now- I have had some fabulous laser cut cupcake surrounds. I ordered them in from the US- not for a client- in particular- but Just because I thought they were gorgeous- and I had to have some!
Maybe soon I will treat someone to a gorgeous tower of these cakes!
Or Someone will love them too- and order them ;)

A big week ahead- once agin!
I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...


Your cakes look beautiful - as usual.
The cupcake surrounds are awesome! How much extra would you be charging for them?

Sarah-Jane said...

The cupcake surrounds work out to be about $80 per 50- this is for the surrounds plus postage from the US.