Monday, 9 June 2008

The Long Weekend! Of modelling!

This weekend is the Queen's Birthday long weekend- and what a long one it has been!
I had a Wedding on Friday- Saturday- and then cakes for Sunday (Yesterday)!!
Maybe next Sunday I will rest;)
Anyway to begin the first cake of the week was a lovely pale Green and pink chocolate creation.
Matching in with the colour theme of the wedding- this cake was pretty, comical and packed full of sweet chocolate calories- all rolled into one.
The Wedding was held out at Sirromet- so the drive out and back was a welcome distraction from the weekend of cakes that lay ahead!

The pale green chocolate chards had angled tops, and the pink scrolls fill in the top tier. A cute Couple sat perched on the edge of the top tier!
( Don't you just love the balding head man- so cute!).

After the Friday wedding was delivered safe and Sound- it was onto the Saturday cake!
This design was a culmination of a couple of designs.
A Beautiful Elegant reception- with a subtle vintage feel about it- was set perfectly when I delivered the cake.

With a double barrel base, and single top tier- the base featured the couples names, and a piped "quilt" pattern ( all tiny little dots to form the cross pattern) with a cut blossom at each point.
A simple ribbon tied in a small bow around the top tier- capped off with a cartoon couple and Ivory Sugar roses.

Then came Sunday. Now even though Sunday is a day that is coming more popular with Weddings- being a long weekend makes this day that much more attractive to Brides and Grooms.

The next design was for a wonderful couple- who live local to me! Whilst it is an honour when people travel from afar to meet with you- having clients from your local area supporting you is really special!
This couple are the most beautiful people, not only aesthetically beautiful, but the genuine kind and friendly people that make your day! Not only did they have a "no fuss" approach, the Groom was also from Scotland, and listen to my rambling when I told him about my upcoming trip!
This cake features my first ever Groom in a Kilt! Now for those of you who aren't regular readers- I am headed to the UK to do some Cake decorating workshops in July- including one on Cartoon couples- and Kilts! So as I ventured into making my first ever kilt- I couldn't be happier with the result! To give myself some constructive criticism- the Groom character is a little Tubby- unlike his real life example!

This wedding was also themed with a vintage theme. Held at the Medina Executive- where the view of the City and Story Bridge is superb- this cake fitted right in. I had free range on the final make up of the design, as far as the ribbon and flower placement went. With the option to only have the mocha ribbon around the tiers, I felt the black bought in that extra bit of elegance and class. To my delight when I arrived, the Chairs all had back chair covers, so the ribbon tied in wonderfully! The Drambuie and Chocolate Cake inside was sure to be a hit!

I had Two Christening cakes this weekend. One was for a past Wedding couples first baby! Julia and Vasili now live in Melbourne, and had traveled home to have baby Katherine Christened! I was delighted to see them again, and their gorgeous little girl- who is less than a few months old!

The next christening cake was for another referral client- held at the Greek Club! This cake is just awesome! And All cake!

The base tier alone is 14" in diameter- so it also weighed a tonne. For those of you who have had the opportunity to be involved at a function at the Greek Club would know that anything there is not done by halves! This cake was for Twins- a little boy and girl- and when I saw the Noah's arc on their invitation- my design mind went into overdrive. The fact the the parents and God parents were also at the design consultation- whilst a little confusing at times- was also a great help!
We all decided on this VERY LARGE scale three tier design, complete with the sculptured Arc as the top tier!

When I got to the venue- the room was the most amazing christening I had ever seen! Each table was set with Noah's Arc decorations, Bomboniere, and a balloon bouquet, complete with a different animal for each table! It looked fantastic! Gorgeous flowers arrangements too!

The Arc part of the design was inspired from a Debbie Brown Design- from her "Easy Party Cakes Book" I don't know how she managed to cast this cake as easy- as a professional decorator- the top tier alone took me almost 5 hours to decorate! Another decorator has reminded me though that "Easy" doesn't mean Quick! I will keep that in mind for next time!

Please remember that whilst my counter shows that you are all reading the blog- I would love to hear your comments too! Let me know what you think/Like!

The week ahead is another big one too! Until next time- Thank you for reading!


Panhandler said...

I just stumbled on your blog today..your cakes are amazing! I've enjoyed looking at them.


Unique Gowns said...

Hello , your cakes are amazing ! Where do you get your ideas from ??? I suppose that is a silly question, especially from me..... I love the colour ! I would love to taste one, but I am down in Melbourne..... Dana

Crafty Sugar said...

Hi Sarah-Jane,i`ve just discovered your blog,and wow!your cakes are stunning!