Friday, 27 June 2008

Ladies that Lunch....

My Husband Steve can be a stirrer at times. Although I know deep down that he is only giving me stick- he often taunts me saying I live a life of leisure- that I go and "Do" lunch, and shopping, hanging out with friends, and watch Oprah (mind you I haven't seen an episode of Oprah in almost 2 years). He quickly forgets that for almost 18 hours a day 7 days a week- I am either covered in Sugar- cooking with sugar- or emailing someone about a sugar base product!
I do squeeze in the occasional lunch with friends, and a shopping trip on a Sunday, but generally I am at home most of the time- working!
Like many people in the Wedding industry- I work from home- all alone! I had been thinking for a while now- how great it would be to have some fellow industry providers over for a gathering so that we could all meet and share stories.
So when I mentioned tis idea to some people at the ABIA awards night- they were super keen- so I did it! I organised to have a morning tea here at my house! Those who know me personally know that having a party at my house is a regular thing- and that there can be anywhere from an intimate gathering of 10 through to over 80 people here- all having a great time!
I thought seeing as though it was going to be the first time I had met some of these people, that a more cosey soirée would be appropriate.
I organised to have around a Dozen (all ladies in the end) over for morning tea! Over the weekend I baked a selection of goodies for us all to eat- whist we chatted weddings and life in general. I was so pleased that everyone came- and had a great time too! It is so nice to have wonderful contacts in the industry- that are just really down to earth, and love what they do- without any pretense!

Now as I chatted away- I was thinking- I should get a picture of us all together for the blog- but no- I was too busy talking- and it wasn't until My mum and I were cleaning up that I remembered! So instead of smiling faces- I have pictures if the left over cakes for you al to see! No real compensation- but at least it is something!
The mini rolls!

The pin wheel sandwiches!

The let overs on the stand- which inspired my last minute pictures!

A close up of some of the treats- Citrus curd tartlets with Camarosa strawberries! Poppy seed cake with pistachio and lime mousse- Hazelnut macaroons filled with dark chocolate ganache, Passionfruit and White chocolate tartlets... to name a few of the goodies that were on offer!

During the morning tea I got to catch up with the wonderful Julia from Lewis Media- Julia was so kind to me when I first started Cake That!- she booked me to make her husbands birthday cake- the very cool wave cake- and kindly passed on my name to clients. I also got to talk with the immensely witty and uber cool photographer Toni Snell! I got to catch up with Glorious florists Glenda Pradella and Karen From Bliss floral- both of whom I really enjoy working with- they are so passionate about their jobs I love it!
Mary Reid from Merivale cakes made the trip over from Wynnum too! Cherisse from Cherisse make up Artistry came along too! As well as the vivacious Anne Campbell!
I also got to meet the beautiful Karen Voss Willcocks- Who also makes fabulous cakes! Whilst Karen and I both goto the same wholesaler- we have never met in person! Having worked at the Stamford- I had seen many of her fabulous cakes come through- so was a fan of her work- but never got to meet her!
It was great opportunity to meet and chat to some fabulous passionate wedding providers- hopefully we can continue to have catch ups and make some wonderful friends too!

So thank you all for coming over and eating some goodies with me! It really made my day!
For those that couldn't make it this time- I am sure that there will be another soon!
SJ ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah-Jane! What a small world - Anne Campbell is going to be our celebrant! She is so lovely isn't she - always has a smile on her face! We couldn't have picked better people to be providing us with our wedding services, so far everyone has been amazing to us. We cannot wait for our cake in October!! Have a great trip overseas!! Rebecca and Paul