Monday, 16 June 2008

Beautiful Brides.....

Now I know that every bride is beautiful- It is your god given right to be stunning on your wedding day- however, this is not the only beauty I am talking about.
I am talking about the kind of people that really leave a lasting impression on you- because they are so genuine, wonderful people.
Whilst I am privileged to work constantly with fabulous clients- there are a handful of couples I will never forget. Not because they wrote me glowing testimonies, or because their cake designs were show stopping, but because they had a warmth and passion about them, that in the short time that I got to meet with them, really made an impression on me.

As many of you would know- I work on my own, so I really enjoy meeting my clients face to face- Seeing their personalities really helps to create a cake that is "Them" and fits perfectly with their special day.

This week I had not one stand out Bride- but a few.
The first was a lovely girl who came to meet with me a few months back. She came with her mother ( also a fabulous person). It wasn't the fact that they appreciated the effort that goes in to my job that drew me to them, nor the fact that that they listened to my conversation with interest. It was the fact that Alicia and her mother were so humble, even though they both are such fantastic people in our community. Alicia is a Nurse, and her mother a Foster carer for Disabled children. I could really appreciate their efforts to take on such roles, as when I was growing up, my mother also cared for disabled people, and bought me up to respect , understand and be educated about individuals and their conditions.
In our consultation, we chatted for well over an hour, about society mostly, but this indeed was one of those "meetings" I will never forget.

I really hope Alicia's day was everything she dreamed and more! Alicia wanted a simple, Timeless cake- and that is what she got. All iced in Ivory, with a plain band of Chocolate ribbon around the base. The base tier had a double quilt impression on the wall of the tier, with a tiny cut flower, and piped dot detail at each cross point. The top tier had a leaf and vine detail that covered the entire tier.
Congratulations Alicia and Warren! Wishing you both all the happiness you deserve.

My next " Impression" Bride was Michelle.
This is a woman that knows what she wants and grabs it with both hands- and I am not only talking about her Groom!
Michelle had been referred to me by a Bridal Forum, and booked me solely on the kind words of past clients.
I get a bit anxious when people want to "book" you without even getting a quote- so I had Michelle and Shane come over and meet with me- which was just fabulous! Michelle reminds me a little of myself- she is a fair bit shorter than her groom, and has a wicked laugh and infectious smile. She beams excitement- which makes me super excited to be making a small part of her wedding day.

Michelle chose a three tier design with a "candy" stripe effect over the bottom 2/3 of the tiers.
This cake also had fresh oriental lilies added to the cake at the venue ( of which I don't have a picture- as My husband Kindly delivered the cake for me, whilst I ran all over the place!)
When Michelle and Shane came to drop off their toppers, She was so excited to be getting married- I hope that she really enjoyed herself on the actual day! Congratulations!

My next design was for a Wedding held out at Glengariff Estate at Dayboro.
This cake was a "version" of Ricki-Lee Coultard's wedding cake.
This three tier version was iced in white icing, with a soft peak royal icing swirled over th tiers.
Fresh blush pink roses filled the gaps, and surrounded the Bride and Groom Topper.

It was a pleasure to put this cake together for Tegan and Shaun. Tegan has a voice that is almost melodic- her calm nature and friendly no fuss attitude, made it a pleasure to create the cake of her dreams! Even the Venue coordinator mentioned how lovely she was!
Despite the cool day on Saturday- the sky was clear blue! A perfect day indeed!

I had a massive day on Saturday, not only did I have Weddings that were being held at Lunchtime ( which meant an early start to deliveries) I also had my 15 year School reunion on that night- For which I was an organiser!

So I was lucky when I had two cakes at almost the same venue!
The cake for Alicia and Warren was delivered to Il Centro, and then I had my first ever cupcake wedding cake on The Kookaburra River Queen. A version of the " Simply pink" design ( but in Blue) was put together for a couple that organised their entire cake via email!

The last time I delivered a cake to the Kookaburra river Queen, I really noticed the boat's gentle movement. This time, I REALLY noticed it- and although I am not one to get seasick, I left feeling a little queasy- probably because when I am setting up a cake- it is all about precision and focus, and the movement whilst ever so slight- really takes away your concentration on the design, and shifts it to the motion!

Last but not least was a cake that caught my eye- not for its design, but the unique roses that filled in the gaps. To describe these roses as Antique style would be right in the mark ( however I am sure that they have a correct name- but for now this is what they will be).

These roses were a dusty/Musk pink colour with a latte green tip, with a soft frill about the ends.
Dotted throughout the design, they were elegant, and romantic, fitting in wonderfully at the Long room at Customs House!

Once again, I have had a week where I have been honoured to make a selection of fabulous designs!

On a separate note- I have a surprise!!!
Shortly the Cake That! website will have an overhaul!!! It will still be jam packed with information, be easy to navigate and have loads of pictures- but it will have a fresh new layout, and a fabulous gallery to view the cakes!

I can't wait to share it with you all - and of course- get your feedback!
Keep Smiling!

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