Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Baked From Scratch!

I am a strong believer in Baking everything from Scratch! I am often very disappointed when I try cakes that look great- only to taste them and realise that they have been made by a nasty pre mix!
Recently I had the unfortunate experience of trying a cupcake from an established Brisbane Cupcakery- only to be gutted by the fact that the cake- and Icing- were made with pre mix ingredients!
So- Whilst surfing the net- I found out that there is a fellow Australian baker- who believes in Shouting the fact that you only bake from scratch! So I emailed them, and subsequently got permission to be Branded with the Baked from Scratch Logo!

So Now my Blog and(soon to be updated) Website will carry this logo- to reiterate the fact that there is no substitute for Baking from Scratch!

So buyers beware- are the cakes you are eating Baked from Scratch?

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The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

I think I had the same cupcakes and I was mega disappointed, especially since their website states, baked from fresh ingredients. Your cakes are just divine. Very jealous of your workshops with Debbie Brown, I love her books.