Tuesday, 27 May 2008

All in a days work!

This week past has surely been a long one indeed.
With a wedding on Tuesday- and the ABIA awards in Tuesday night- it was all go right from the beginning!

After the big beginning for the week, it was business as per usual to get the end of the week done!
I had a huge delivery run on Saturday- and it wouldn't have been story worthy- without a hurdle at my very first droop off.
When I got to my first venue- the cake table was set right next to a window- where the warm Autumn sun was beaming right through. I was so concerned to set the cake up there ( it was a cupcake tree- might I add) that I decided to move the table- just until the reception begun, into a cool part of the room. This wasn't the concerning part- the fact that the event coordinator didn't want me to move the table to a "safe" environment- because she " Had never had a cake melt!" did! After I told her that my cake certainly wasn't going to be the first to melt- I left the cake set in the air conditioned shade of the room- where it would be safe until the beginning of the reception. My only concern was that I didn't bring my camera- and my phone had no charge to take a photo!!!
Thank goodness later that evening- I received a text from a friend- who's sister was at that very wedding- telling her how fabulous the cake looked! Phew!
I know I may sound a little anal and overprotective of my cakes, but I believe that they should be as fantastic as they were place there- not damaged because of someones ignorance!
Anyway- the day got so much better!
This next cake, is one I have been waiting to do for a while now!
I met the bride (Tracey) and her mum many months ago- and together we set out to design a real centerpiece cake design!

With five cakes in total, more than 8meters of strung Swarovski Crystals, and over 250 individual Swarovski crystals attached to the cakes- this cake was all about the Bling!
Each cake was sat upon a clear stand- where the centre pole was filled with rose petals.
Strung Beading was woven over the table, and fresh flowers and tortured Willow were used to decorate the cakes. To make sure everything had the "bling" effect- the flowers had more beading woven throughout them, and the willow had drop Swarovski crystals scattered from the branches.

Each cake had a double band of strung crystals around the base, with two of the cakes having a pretty crystal brooch in the centre of an ivory ribbon.

This cake was set up at The Villa- down at Nerang- a simply stunning Private Golf Resort. The Ceremony was also taking place there. When the staff were adding the final touches to the ceremony garden, a rouge Black Swan decided to crash the proceedings! I caught this picture of the Staff member being turned on by the Swan, as he tried to shoo it away!!!

This next design was my first ever cake for the Hilton Hotel.
It is funny that after all of the cakes I make, and all of the venues I visit- there are still some that I have never been too! So this in now another on off the list!
When delivering cakes- yo are often required to use the service entrance- and for anyof you that know the parking situation at the Brisbane Hilton - will well and truly understand that this is a true necessity! I had previously used the service entrance- when I was a chef- doing a Salon Culinaire at the hotel- so I THOUGHT i knew where I was going! So after missing the service entrance turn off- and doing a trip around the block- we made it to the underground loading dock. Then I saw a sign for a lift- and thought- according o my bearings- that this should bring us out in the Hilton. Have I mentioned that Steve is carrying this 25kg cake all on his own????
Anyway- we ended up in the third level of the Wintergarden, and then made out way to the Hilton! It was a long way around when you are carrying a cake!

Eventually safe in the Ballroom- I got to meet the lovely function coordinator- Jessica! Delivered Safe and sound- Jessica then Kindly directed us the fast and easy way back to the car! Next time it will be allot easier!

Then last but not least- I had the pleasure of making and Engagement cake for a previous client.
I first made a cake for Christine a few years back- for her 21st! She was one of my first "Cake That!" clients! On Saturday Steve and I put together a tower of Chocolate and Ivory cupcakes!

Steve being the master at setting the cupcake stand!

It was the end to a very long day! Because of the back log of clients waiting to see me on Saturdays- I had been seeing clients since 8am in the morning, then a 280km round trip delivering cakes, before returning home around 5pm!

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