Friday, 27 June 2008

Running behind!!....


As it is almost the end of this week- I am so running behind with my blog entries!!
So firstly- sorry for the wait, all of my regular readers!

My time seems to be slipping away this week- as I prepare to go to Sydney ( this Sunday/Monday)- to do some Debbie Brown workshops at Planet cake, plus my weddings/cakes for this week, not to mention getting ready to leave for the UK next Sunday!!!
Anyway- turning back to last week....
Last week was my first "slow" week all year. Whilst I still had plenty to do- I only had around half the amount of work I normally have to do. In my mind I had planned to use this "downtime?" to catch up on things such as bookwork etc.. and also to have a bit of a relax, as opposed to the usuals hectic schedule that I keep.
I also managed to see over 20 clients during the week, so when that is all added up- I suppose there is 20 hours already taken up- sounds like allot now I have written it down!
Seeing as though I am going to be away for 4 weeks- I was trying to see as many clients as possible before I went- as now the next available consultations I have are not until August!

First up is a cake that I made for a previous clients boyfriends 21st! (that was a mouthful!)
I made Tempe's 18th cake last year- she had a very cool Pirate themed party- and a doubly awesome cake to match!- Now it was her boyfriends turn! Tempe had thought out the design, before even coming over, which made it very easy!
A two tier "present" style cake, in a blue white and silver theme! Left to my own devices re the final design- this is what I came up with!

I stamped silver "21" onto the top tier, to give the icing a wrapping paper effect! The cake also had a Brown teddy bear ( added after I took the picture) sitting on top of the base tier- as Jesse's nickname is Bear!

Next on my list was a Cupcake tower! This cake was all about being soft and romantic.
I used my brand new 6 tier cupcake tree to hold all of the cakes for this design. The wedding was held at the United Services club- which is a gorgeous room, the lighting- however- is not perfectly suited to my little digital camera! ( I can't wait to see the pro photos though!)
This design had a double sugared fresh rose petal on top of each cake. This type of decoration has to be done at the very last minute- so just before I leave for set up- I am coating each petal- so that they keep perfectly for the entire reception.

The cupcake tower was filled with more than 60 fresh roses. Melita from Wedding Stems did the flowers, and met me at the venue, and helped me put the stand together. I was delivering alone this week- seeing as though it was only a short delivery run- I let Steve off for the day!;)

I have had the pleasure of working with Melita's flowers many times before, but last Saturday was the very first time we had met in person. Melita is so lovely- and her flowers are always wonderful! After putting the flowers together with her onto the cake, I offered to help take all of her floristry buckets back to her van- and completely forgot to remove my own mess!!! When I got home and realised that my car had no empty cupcake boxes in there - I quickly rang the club and offered my sincere apologies for not taking out my own rubbish! Woops!

The last cake of the week is a Black and White beauty!
This three tier design had a quilted centre tier and strung diamontes around the base of each tier.
Topped off with monogram toppers- this classic design looked just beautiful.

This wedding was held at The Stamford Plaza on Sunday! So my cakes were really stretched out over the weekend for me! The monogram toppers- although the smallest size available- had to be angled on the top tier to fit in!

In the Wedding Star Magazine- The cake they use in the picture would have to be at least 9" wide to fit the three toppers side by side- it is very deceiving!

So in the end I didn't get to rest- like I had hoped- I did get some bookwork done, and got to meet with some fabulous clients! Productive for sure!
I am counting down the days until I leave for the UK.
I won't be contactable from the 4th July until the 2nd August via phone, however I will still be communicating via email!
I will- of course- be keeping a regular blog whilst I am on my trip- to keep you all up to date!
Don't forget you can comment away- at the bottom of this entry! I love to hear your thoughts!


Rachel said...

Your cakes are gorgeous as usual. I know you make all your cakes from scratch, is that true of your icings as well? If so, would you be willing to share your fondant icing recipe?

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Rachel
Thanks for your comment.
With the fact that I use so much fondant each week- I actually use Bakels RTR icing.It is the best out there- tastes great and is so easy to work with too!

rachescakes said...

I'll have to check to see if I can get it here. I'm just getting started so buying in bulk isn't much of an option yet.