Thursday, 1 May 2008

Humble Appreciation.....

Out of the many cakes I make each week- I generally personally hear back from at least 80% of my clients. Some ring me the following day after their event to thank me- others send through beautiful kind words of Thanks via post or email.
This week has been a week where I have received some wonderful thanks from my clients- making me really feel so appreciative of the job I get to do every day! I love making cakes- and especially love the fact that it contributes to someone else's happiness too!
Every Thank you I receive gives me a wonderful feeling- often goosebumps-making me reflect on the fact that the job done truly met- and often exceeded the clients expectations.
I am in the midst of trying to set up a new website- where I can include- all the thank you's and testimonials I have received over the years!
Today I received the " Thank You" below from a couple who were only married 10 short days ago!
My sincere congratulations, and heartfelt thanks go out to all my clients- as without you- I wouldn't be able to enjoy this wonderful career everyday!Hannah and Matt were married on the 20th April 2008- at Glengariff Estate.
Best wishes for a long and Happy Marriage together!

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