Sunday, 27 April 2008

Whirlwind weeks...

This week went by so fast!
On Monday it was my mums birthday- so I took her a cake into School ( She works for a boys college)- it was a student free day- so there was only the teachers around- none the less the entire cake was eaten!

I used a copper and chocolate colour transfer on the white chocolate, personally I thought the end result was a bit "manly" for my mum, but she loved it!

My mum is probably my greatest marketing tool. I have had her attend many networking functions with me- as she has the gift of the gab! Whilst I can talk- she can really sell! She often steers potential clients in my direction- something I am very greatful for.
This week I made the wedding cake of one of her past co-workers. A stunning Blood red and gold cupcake tower- that I assembled yesterday at her home.

This cake was the second delivery of the day- the first was another cupcake tree- where I also established my first workplace injury! I managed to shut the car door into my eye/eyebrow- don't ask me how I did it- but boy did it hurt! I am sure the first clients must have thought I
was a little upset- as my eye was bright red and puffy! LOL!!!

Blood Red was certainly the theme this week- with three if my cakes featuring the same colour.
This next cake had Blood red sugar roses, and was for a wedding held on ANZAC day. The symbol on the base tier is a "Heartogram" significant to the couple.

This coming week has me making my first ever grooms cake!
I am flat out for the next couple of weeks- so I will try to keep my computer time to a minimum!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog every week. I realy love your mums cake this week. I was just wondering how and what you use to transfer the colour onto the white chocolate. If it is not to tricky I might try and make my husbands bday cake!!!!!!!!!

Sarah-Jane said...

The colour is done with a chocolate transfer sheet.
I don't know where these would be available in the retail market- as I get them from a specialist wholesale supplier.

rachescakes said...

The Groom's cake is gorgeous!

Sarah-Jane said...

Hey Rachescakes- I haven't made the grooms cake yet- it is this week coming!

Rebecca B. said...

Hi Sarah-Jane, you are making my wedding cake in October this year and I love following your blog - me and my co-workers check in weekly to see the gorgeous cakes you make!

rachescakes said...

Oops, I thought the groom's cake was the Heartagram cake! Either way, it is gorgeous.

Lara said...

I love your cakes! What recipe do you use to get the buttercream standing so high on your cupcakes please?
The wedding cake is simply stunning and elegant. Thank you for sharing your cakes with us!

Sarah-Jane said...

HI Lara
I use a butter cream on the cupcakes.