Sunday, 11 May 2008

Birthday greetings!

This week was a mammoth week for cakes- but before I tell that story- I would love to tell the story of my very first Sugar Shoe cake!

I was asked ny a friend of my sisters to make her and her cousin a cake for their combined 30th Birthdays!
Sam came to see me and chose a handbag cake, and a shoe! To keep things classy I made the colour theme Ivory Black and Silver- which worked well.

Unfortunately I don't have a great picture if the cake- as I took it at night- Just before I had to go to the party ( due to my excessively busy week- it was a last minute job!).
The Party Theme was "PS were 30"- so I painted this onto the shoe box too!

The Shoe box was a white chocolate and Frangellico cake, with the purse being a Dark Raspberry Mudcake!

Happy Birthday Penny and Sam- I hope you had a great night!


Anonymous said...

Hi I love reading your blog every week. I was wondering if you could help me. Can I replace milk chocolate for dark chocolate in a chocolate mud cake recipe? Or would this just not work. Thank you

Sarah-Jane said...

I don't know your recipe- so I guess for you it would just be trial and error. Also without knowing the quality of "chocolate" you are referring to is also a issue.
Generally it should be OK- but it really will depend on your recipe.