Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Second time Lucky?????

Last Night I attended the 10th Annual QLD ABIA awards ceremony.
I was- for the second year running- a Finalist in the Wedding Cake design category.
I was- and am- very proud of the achievement, and more than grateful to all of my past clients who took the time to vote for me this year.
As you may or may not be aware, last year I came an extremely close second, so I was full of hope that this year I might take out the win!

This year, instead of dragging my entire family to watch their 31 year old daughter/sister maybe win an award, I opted to take only my Mum. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may be aware of how much my mum does for me- so last night was a way of thanking her for all her help and support over the year.

I actually had a wedding on Yesterday- so after I finished delivering the cake, it was off home, to go through the wardrobe ( No I didn't indulge in a new dress- seeing as it is only a few short weeks until I leave for the UK- I thought I had better save my pennys ;)), and beautify myself for the evening!
My mum isn't only handy with helping with cakes- she is also does fabulous hairdo's, so whilst Juggling afternoon calls from clients, my mum whipped up a fantastic hair do on me! I of course returned the favour on her too!

So all frocked up ( after many changes) we headed to the Royal on the park!
I don't "know" many people in this industry, but I the ones that I see and work with on a regular basis are fabulous! One of thos is the Wonderful Jennine from FloraBella designs! I wasn't at the venue for 5 minutes when I ran into her, which was lovely. She also introduced me to Anne Campbell- the friendliest Celebrant I have met! She was so warm, and vibrant right from the start! I love meeting people like this!

Jennine, Myself and Anne!

Jennine also introduced me to Betty Ross- the reining Wedding cake design winner! It was great to meet Betty in the flesh!
So my only stipulation to the ABIA when I booked my tickets was that we were on a table with someone fun- and can I say- My request was filled!!!
We sat with Glenys, and her family/team, from Glenys' Flowers and Gifts! This group was ready for a great night, and what a night we had!

Glenys, Mary and Penelope!

The night was so great- I am typing this blog, and I still have a headache! LOL!!!

So onto the business end of the evening! In total there were 73 Cake decorators nominated, with a total of 16 finalists.
Afterthe top 16 came the top 10... and I was still inthere!
Then came the top 5- Still holding on, Top 3- could this be my year??
And the Winner is.............
Cake Decorating by Betty Ross!!

Ah Well- I did however come a very close second!!!

Doing the number 2 dance!

So now I am the 2008 Runner up QLD AIBA awards!
Well done I say!
So Thank you Very Much to all of my past Couples who voted for me! It is a wonderful honour to be regarded so highly by my clients! Maybe next year will be my year!

A special thank you also to all of the lovely industry people I got to meet last night! It was great to be able to have a chat, rather than the rush about when I am delivering cakes! We should definately have nights like this more often!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you didn't win... your cakes are amazing!

Thea Smith said...

Well done Sarah-Jane. I'm a regular visitor to your blog (found it one Toni Snell's). I'm a dressmaker, love making wedding dresses and love looking at anything wedding related and your cakes are amazing. Just checked out Betty Ross's website......what the???? Can't believe you didn't win.
Keep up the good work!