Monday, 5 May 2008

Labour of love....

This past weekend- the whole week in fact- has just flown by! with the Labour Day Public holiday- Long weekend weddings are so popular! This week ahead is Mothers Day- which also seems to be incredibly popular too!
This week saw me make my first ever Grooms cake- but more on that later!

I began my weekend of Weddings with a Friday wedding- Usually I love Friday weddings- as it makes my delivery run that little bit easier with one less cake to deliver on Saturday.
This Friday wedding didn't have the usual white three tier cake- they had a Croquembouche! A tower of toffee encrusted Profiteroles, that were filled with Grand mariner Creme Patissiere ( A divinely rich egg custard)!

This sort of cake must be made on the day- whilst the Custard and Choux Puffs can be prepared in advance- filling the profiteroles, and assembling the tower can only be done just prior to the reception. Not only os assembling a delicate balance of profiteroles very stressful- but the transport and delivery makes me doubly wary! Luckily I only had to travel to New Farm- but the large speed humps on James street had my hearing on high alert for any possible dramas! My stress and worry went unwarranted as the Croquembouche was delivered in perfect condition to the Restaurant!!! Now all I hope is that the clients and their guests enjoyed the cake- as much as I did the samples ;)

The next cake is one that I replicated for a referral couple- that I never got to meet.
A tower of cupcakes - each embossed with stylised hearts- and topped off with a personalised cartoon couple! This cake looked really great set up!

Generally on Saturdays- My husband (Steve) and I deliver the cakes together. This Saturday- I was running a little behind with appointments- so I sent Steve out with a couple of cakes, whilst I went with another couple on my own. It felt strange not to have him there with me, not to mention the fact that I had to carry the cakes on my own! LOL!!!

I had this gorgeous tower cake to take to Venice Cafe bar- If you have never been there before- it has possibly one of the best Story Bridge views around!
This cake was a triple stacked cake- with long Dark and White chocolate chards- and fresh lilies out the top- Forming a vase effect.

So whilst I was out delivering the cakes above- Steve headed out to Cedar Creek- to deliver a wedding cake- and the grooms cake!
I wish I had a better picture of the grooms cake. I believe the groom is Irish- however he lives in Texas- so the cake was a Shamrock, with Red velvet cake inside.

My weekend of cakes continued yesterday with 2 weddings!
After delivering these I thought I would get 1/2 day off- until I started again today ( yes even though it is a public holiday today- I have a cake going to Hamilton Island on Wednesday!)
However a very good friend of mine turns 30 today! Being the resident cake decorator- I am often cautious not to presume that my friends would always want me to make the cake. Seeing as though there had been no mention of a cake- I assumed that everything was sorted! But yesterday afternoon- I was asked if I had made a cake- AND I Hadn't!!!

So with around 24 hours to design bake and decorate a cake- I decided on the one below!
Gianni is a mad Keen car enthusiast- so what more fitting ( for a last minute attempt) than to make a Wheel/Tyre cake! With no premixed black icing in the house- I actually Iced the entire cake in white- then painted the black colour on! With a touch of Glycerine in the mix, the tyre is shiny black!

Well I am off to the 30th right now! I hope he likes it!

The week ahead has me busier than ever! I have made close to 200 sugar roses for cakes this coming week alone! 'Til then.... Have a great week- and I will see you on the other side!


Anonymous said...

You are very talented! Dis you use buttercream icing on the cupcake tower? If so, how do you get the cupcakes so smooth? I can get a cake iced smoothly, but I have not been successful with cupcakes.

Sarah-Jane said...

The cupcakes are iced in plastic icing- rolled fondant.