Sunday, 11 May 2008

All caked out!

OK- WOW- where do I start???
This week I have made more cakes than any week before! To paint a picture- I used 12 dozen Eggs, 20kg Butter, 25kg Flour, 30Kg Castor Sugar, 1.5kg Cocoa, Over 15 KG Chocolate, and close to 25kg Plastic icing!!! Not to mention all of the colourings, cachous, floristry wire and modeling paste!
I made over 250 roses ( made from either chocolate plastique or sugar), and spent no less than 7 hours putting cachous onto one cake alone! My oven was on for more than 30 hours, I drove more than 350km delivering cakes and despite all of this I didn't turn into a made woman- and I loved every single cake I finished!

I would have to say that I didn't have a favourite this week- because it was so hard to choose a cake out of all of the designs I made- But I do think I have found my " If I had my Wedding again" design.
This cake was timeless elegance- three tiers iced in white plastic icing, with a 1" band of satin ribbon around each tier. The top tier was covered in Sugar roses, then the roses trailed down and across the tiers- simply stunning.

There was over 50 sugar roses on the cake, each and everyone hand made to replicate the real thing!

The next cake is a design I have replicated once before- so I knew the time that lay ahead placing each and every cachous onto the cake. The challenge this time though- was making the dancing toppers! I had so much fun making these toppers- and in the end I think they looked Fabulous!
This cake worried me the most when delivering it- as the toppers are so fragile- but all the stress went unwarranted- as the cake arrived exactly as it left!
Michelle (Bride) had a dress that suited the toppers wonderfully! Michelle is a regular reader of the Blog- So Congratulations! And Thank you for getting me to make you such a fun and gorgeous wedding cake!

The next cake was simply stunning. Made using Belgian couveture plastique- this 3 tier double stacked cake ( yes 6 cakes in total) was draped in the plastique, and with close to 100 chocolate roses dotted throughout the design. The random flow of this design gave the cake a grace and elegant feel- despite its enormous size.

The wedding was held at Palma Rosa at Albion- a beautiful heritage listed Building- A must see for anyone wanting a reception with elegant old world charm. This place is even more beautiful than Customs House, in my opinion!

The next design was possibly the simplest of the week- but by far no where near uninteresting.
A trail of beautiful fresh flowers, including roses, berries and freesias, in colours that just looked so "fresh".

I also adore the picture that I managed to take- all on my own! Good enough for a magazine shot I think!!!

The next cake is one of the tallest I have made. Featuring foam layers between the tiers- cachous detail and crystal encrusted brooches- this cake was the epitome of beautiful.
In all white- it had almost a winter feel- not cold, but crisp!

The final design featured fresh flowers, here is my lovely Mum( who helped me deliver all day yesterday:)) standing beside this monster! My mum is allot taller than me- but to give you an idea, the cake from the table to the top was around 70cm high!

So in the end- I made it!
My cakes would have been eaten by close to 1500 people this week alone! I had cakes at venues from as close as Brett's wharf- to Dayboro, and all the way to Hamilton Island!

A very big thank you to all of my clients this week- for not only choosing me to create your cakes- but for challenging me to make your stunning designs!
I would have loved to include all of the cakes I made this week- however- I need to go and Thank my Mum- not only because she always helps me out- but because its Mothers day!!
'Til next week- Thanks for reading!

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