Sunday, 2 September 2007

Lights Camera.....Pro Photos!

The cake under lights!

I can certainly say that I have a talented group of Family and Friends, who are always very reliable and willing to lend their talent when needed.
For the past two Saturdays, My Brother in Law- Paul- has given up his mornings to come and shoot some cakes for me. I need the Pro Photos for consideration in an Australian wedding Magazine. So together will all his set up- lights, tri pod, back drops etc.. Paul came and photographed the cakes I had ready for the weddings that day.
Turing my Dining room into a studio set up, and producing some top quality shots certainly took its time. But Paul's patience endured the hours it took to set up and shoot the cakes, in order to get some great shots.
It was so exciting to see the final pictures- so clear and crisp, with no notion of the actual area the shots were captured in. I was truly amazed that such awesome pictures came from a set up on my Dining room table!

Paul at work!

While I am keeping most of the shots off the net for now- to allow the best possibility for inclusion in the magazine- there are a couple which I would love to share!

This Cupcake design is one of the most requested I have. Its simplicity s so pretty, and lovely, it makes you go ohhh... when you see it all set up and ready to go!
Under the Fluorescent Lights with the pink backdrop looked great- but with the green- it was so much fun! Not really suitable for the magazines style, but it is exactly the image I like for my designs.

The next Design is another that is often requested and altered to suit the clients need. Originally- the French Kicker (Named by my Husband)- was a two tier double barrel design, in a monochromatic colour scheme. This week it was chosen as a regular two tier cake, with Blood Red rose petas and matching satin ribbon. While the contrast between the white and deep red were vast- this cake remained really elegant.

So it is with much pride that I share with you the amazing Job that Paul has done for me. I can't wait to share the other pictures with you all! Hopefully some of them will be included in the magazine- To inspire future brides, and For everyone to see!

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