Saturday, 8 September 2007

Far and Away

Well this weeks cake is dedicated to my sister- Kate- who is currently traveling throughout Europe- on a very long Holiday.
My family is very involved in my business, very supportive, always offering guidance and any kind of assistance they can. My sister Kate- loves the design part- she is always thinking up cake designs that would look "Cool"- and only the other week- in a long distance phone conversation, did she once again have advice for me with a cake design. Nearly always do her wedding cake designs involve tulips- as these are her favourite flower- so it was no surprise that the latest conjured up idea would also include the Tulip.
So Kate- Here it is- this design was made for Tracey and Joel , who tonight are celebrating there wedding up at Mt Cootha. A three tier Chocolate creation- featuring both Caramel and Traditional mud cake inside- with white chocolate chards around the sides, chocolate scrolls in the channels and top, and sugar tulips in pinks to decorate.
Not exactly what Kate had described on the phone, but it was what the Tracey and Joel had ordered ;)

Today was a big delivery run, Starting with Mt Cootha- then around the city, across to Wynnum and Wellington Point- then back to Zillmere to finish thinks off!

So from the first delivery of the day- the tulip cake, to the last- a simple yet beautiful three tier cake iced in a pale pink butter cream, with fresh roses trailing down. I seemed to have had a pink week!

One more wedding tomorrow- then its start again for next week!

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