Saturday, 29 September 2007

Colour Matters

Whenever designing cakes I always get asked " What colour are those ones?" as a client points to one of my photos- The answer isn't usually what people expect. Photo's- even with the highest quality digital cameras- can and will give different colours different shades in different lights and angles.
Whilst uploading todays shots- I really noticed how different from true to life colour can be. The pictures, below and above, are taken of the exact same cupcake tree- without a flash- in the same room- one minute after the other. It all has to do with light and angle. The top picture looks a warm yellow colour, where the bottom picture looks to be a pale cream- both the same cakes, but different picture outcomes.

In reality the icing is a pale cream colour- the roses- almost matching perfectly, were just gorgeous!

So when choosing your icing and decoration colour- it is always best to provide a colour swatch- of the colours you are using in your event- that way you will get a colour that matches/ compliments your theme!

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