Sunday, 16 September 2007

Big American Style

Well here it is-
This three tier- double barrel cake stands over 60cm high- and weighs far too much for one person to carry! I even had to stand on a box to finish icing the cake!
With each tier double stacked, the chosen flavours were Dark Mud- Kahlua Mud and Peppermint Mud to top it all off! With over 4kg of chocolate in the icing alone, this cake is divinely rich.
The whipped white chocolate ganache is thickly applied- with a soft palette finish.
Fresh flowers (provided and arrange by Shirley Baggaley of Baggaley's Florist) started at the top tier and weaved their way down to the base. Sitting on a mirror- decorated with crystal effect candle holders, and wired crystal beading this cake was as pretty as a picture.

Baggaleys florist is situated in the Port Office building out the front of the Stamford Plaza hotel Brisbane. Ph.(07) 3220 0910


Anonymous said...

Wow that is huge. How much would a cake like that cost. It must have been a big wedding or they just liked cake!!!!!

Sarah-Jane said...

The Wedding was big- but they also had more than enough cake. This sized cake would feed more than 200 people as dessert!