Friday, 14 September 2007

Early Starts.....

Well this week is off to an early start- with two weddings today (Friday)!
My body clock is also helping me out with the early theme- waking me up at 5.43am everyday- Thank you sunlight! And to top it all off we have had unseasonably hot weather- reassuring me that summer, and delicate chocolate designs are only round the corner!

The first deign of today is a three tier chocolate cake, that I could smell all through the car on the way to the venue, then seeing as though the scent get caught in the air conditioning- I got to spend the next hour in the car craving some chocolate!
With angled top chocolate chards ad scrolls filling the tops of the tiers- this cake is any chocolate fans best friend! Not to mention inside is both white and dark chocolate mud cakes, iced in a thick coating of whipped white chocolate ganache. Need I say more...

Then the next "tower" style design, iced in a pale pink fondant, is decorated with a Cherry blossom theme. I don't know if this photo actually does Justice for the magnitude of this cakes top tower. With the top piece alone just over 20cm high, and almost the same size wide- it was one big cake.

This weekend is spread out with Weddings on both Saturday and Sunday- when I will be back to report on my biggest heaviest cake yet! It is a monster- but it will be so beautiful! I can't wait to finish it!

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