Sunday, 2 September 2007

All Things Bold!

This week I was once again flat out- not only because it was the first weekend of spring- and all the girls wanting to be "Spring Brides", but because it was also River Fire- a night where Brisbane turns on a Fantastic fireworks display- that if you have a carefully choose your reception venue- you will receive the 1/2 hour+ of fabulous fireworks for you and your guests to enjoy Free of Charge!

So with Everyone wanting the best vantage of the fireworks for their reception, I had many cakes for the city, along the river and also up at Mt Cootha.

But by far the boldest reception set up I have seen so far- was at Snug Harbour- Dockside, where The couple had chosen a Bollywood Theme for their Special day.
The Team at vogue Events did a fantastic Job, the colour and theming really set the mood.
The Bride had an intolerance to Dairy- so her entire cake was dairy free, and made with Free range eggs. With over 2 1/2 kg of pure Dark couverture going into the three tier design, this cake was a chocoholics dream!
Gone are the days where your dietary requirements mean that you can only eat bland rubbery desserts! This cake was divine- I even offered samples to some of my consultation clients this week- and had I not informed them that there was no dairy in the cake, they wouldn't have known.
With the entire cake smothered in a rich chocolate icing, and then the sides with angled topped chocolate chards- this cake was completed wit a bright array of fresh blooms! It looked so great! I hope they enjoyed it- as much as I did creating it!

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