Saturday, 29 September 2007

Around SEQ in CAK35

What a Long Day!
My day started today at 7am wiring and taping all the fresh flowers I needed for my cakes today. With the fresh roses opening just a perfect amount- I knew today was going to bring some gorgeous cakes. It seems that not only roses but also Singapore orchids were the blooms of the day, with 5 of my designs incorporating either one or the other, or both!

To begin the delivery day- I set off to the "Bardon" Center- to deliver my first cake, then across to Birkdale with a fabulous 16th Birthday cake, for a Ballet Dancer, who's mum thought she would surprise her daughter before she headed off the the Royal Academy of Dance in London to study- how Special! This two tier hot pink pearlised cake with a "lolly" base and round top with a bling 16!

Then it was a trip down to O'Riellys Vineyard at Canungra. Although I had had clients who had their weddings their before- I had never personally delivered a cake there. So with my Mum and Aunty Dianne in tow- we set off to Canungra- with the Whereis Directions. Those of you who have used the program before may well be aware that they are not always correct directions- none the less- we did make it there on time- with the cakes all in one piece.
Once delivered, with the long trip back to Brissie ahead of us, my mum napped while my Aunt and I chatted the trip back!
With other things to do, I left my mum and Aunt, and continued delivering until 5pm this afternoon!
With the car unpacked, and the photos uploaded- I can now sit back and relax- then I can start to ponder next weeks cakes!
There is a great one I can't wait to finish- and you will have to wait to see! It is so fun and exciting- I have evn been dreaming about it this week!...... 'Til next time!

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