Friday, 26 June 2009

Annual Leave

After a massive start to the year I am having my annual leave for the month of July.
During this time I will not be hosting consultations or making any cakes- however I am still contactable via email should you wish to place an order.
I hope to catch up on all of my blogging during my break!

I am headed to KL and Phuket for a short break before returning to Brisbane for some paperwork catch up time. I plan to make a whole new set of display cakes too!
So I won't be totally out of touch with cakes- but just not ordered ones.

If you do send me an email, please note that my response times will be longer than normal- as I will not be on the computer every day.
Looking forward to catching up on my blogging, and sharing my holiday stories with you all soon!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

How Did you Find Me???.....

This is the question that I ask all of my clients when I meet them. I don't really advertise, not because I am so up myself that I think I don't need to- but because it is so expensive. I have such a small advertising budget that if I started booking adverts in every bridal magazine, expo and website that approached me, I would be up for tens of thousands of dollars each year- something that I just don't have.
I really value the word of mouth advertising that I receive from both my clients and fellow vendors alike. I have no question in recommending a vendor that I meet whose work is consistently outstanding, and is all round a pleasure to meet. While we all seem to be frazzled on a Saturday in this industry- it is a welcome sight to see a friendly smiling face from a wedding provider you share a client with.
Building a rapport with venues and vendors is really important to me and my business. It is often quite lonely working on your own, so building relationships based purely on admiration of the product or service becomes helpful to both me and my customers. By knowing about other services I can help pass on names and suggest businesses that may be able to help make a perfect wedding day.
Lately I have had Thaddeus form TWK studio let me know that 3 of my past couples have mentioned me in his blog. Thaddeus has his clients write their own "wedding review" reflecting on their special day through his photography blog.
I have never met Thaddeus- I wouldn't know him if I fell over him in the street- but his kindness in letting me know that our mutual clients have mentioned my business in his blog is just lovely.
You can see the amazing photos from each wedding on the TWK Blog:
Michelle and Craig- March 2009
Vicki and Rob April 2009
Leslie and Quyen May 2009

I actually had a cake yesterday- for another couple I have never met either- only to realise that they had found me through the fabulous Anne Campbell. I noticed on Anne's Facebook that she had commented she was about to do a rehearsal at Brookwater. I had a cake at Brookwater too! Renee and Michael? I wonder..... Yes!- Anne quickly replied to inform me "how do you think they found you ;) ??" she is a champion indeed!

I am also on Toni Snell's blog this week too! She is just awesome, so when I knew we had a like client in Holly and Sean's wedding back in May- I sent her and her dad (who shoots with her) a box of cupcakes. I didn't send cupcakes as a bribe to be included in the blog, but just as a thanks for all the referrals. I know that Toni's Mum also likes cupcakes so I left a note to make sure that she too got her share.

I have a great site meter that lets me know where all of my blog and website visitors come from- so I get to see so many mentions of "Cake That!" on blogs and websites all over the world.
It is rather overwhelming that an ordinary girl from Brisbane is being bookmarked by fans all over the globe- who have RSS feeds of my blog and await a new entry from me.
I have some exciting times ahead, not only with cakes, but on a personal front too.
My baby sister is turning 21 in August- and together ;) we have designed a kick A** cake for her Black white and Bling party! I also have cakes to make for the Brisbane Ekka.
I am looking forward to sharing some great stories with all of you soon!

So how did you find out about me??

Queens Birthday Weekend

The Long weekend in June - for me- usually signifies the slowing of the wedding season, and that my annual leave is near ;)
This Queen's birthday long weekend I was able to actually let my hair down and unwind, as I didn't have any cakes for the Sunday or Monday to deliver.
My week started early this week, with a cake being sent to Hervey Bay for a wedding there. Michelle had organised her wedding cake from FNQ, for the actual wedding being held at Hervey bay. Her parents flew from Cairns to collect the cake in Brisbane and Drive up to Hervey bay. ( For the overseas blog readers- Cairns is a 2.5hour flight or 1800km drive and Hervey bay is 3 hour drive from Brisbane). I also sent a cake to Stradbroke Island this week, so "Cake That!" cakes certainly made their way around.

This cake was themed for a black and white wedding- a really popular colour theme at the moment, and one which looks strikingly elegant. This three tier design was banded with black 15mm ribbons and had a leaf and vine piping detain in the middle.

I has another cake collected this week- being sent out to Glengariff Estate at Dayboro.

This two tier cake featured Burgundy roses and Ivory roses on a white cake with sugar draping.
After the two collections earlier in the week, it meant that Saturday's deliveries were a little easier than usual.
I had heard on the radio that there was a big "garden party" on in James St- for the long weekend and was concerned about delivering a cake to The Vine Restaurant on James St- turns out that whilst there was a garden party on- it was in the confines of a hotel there- and not nearly as impressive as what it sounded on the radio.
The cake for the Vine Restaurant was my first all fruit traditionally iced cake in a VERY long time. I love fruit cake- but it seems that many people simply don't. Albeit that they have probably had bad experiences with dry bitter cakes- rather than deliciously moist fruit cakes ( I am seriously salivating typing this). I have a few fruit cake recipes that I love, all for different reasons. I am so "bad" with fruit cake that I could eat a 6" cake all on my own in a couple of days hehehe!

Anyway- this cake had a fine piped icing dot pattern around the top edge and sugar Singapore orchids over the design. The cake also had a ceramic bride and groom topper and silver car added to the design at the venue, which I unfortunately do not have a great shot of. In fact- that week overall- my photos were pretty poor, with allot of overcast dark days coupled with my point and shoot Pentax, resulting in mediocre images.
After New farm- it was off to Customs house. I really love going to Customs house- not just for the beautiful Long Room with the magnificent dome ( That Steve comments on each time "why don't we have one of these in our house?? hehehehehe") but because the staff are always so great- the room is always set, and it just keeps my day flowing nicely.
I have done this cake design so many times at Customs House- and so many couples choose it because they had been on a "walk through" of the venue and seen it set up. I love the design as it is soft pretty and elegant- without being kitsch.

Ice pink and cream roses on the top, with cream butter cream and a single pink sugar rose petal on top of each cake.

Steve is the cupcake master- his precision placement of each cupcake, so that they are not a single millimeter out- he fiddles with each and everyone so that it looks just perfect. I usually get shots of his hand in my photos, as he is still twisting and placing each cupcake perfectly when I am ready to shoot the cake. This time I made him pose beside his fabulous arrangement. He is a champion at making sure my cakes are looking smashing for the reception.
After Customs house it was off to the Treasury to deliver a true "Cake That!" popular design.

Known as one of the Bridal white designs on my website, this cake has the piped icing pearls rising up the side of the tiers. I first did this cake for a client almost 4 years ago, and it has been so popular ever since.
My last delivery of the day was to Victoria Park's Marquee. When I got to the room- I noticed some familiar chair tie backs- like the ones used at Rachelle and Tom's wedding the week prior- then the Event decorator form "Miss Weddings" asked me if I did the cake last week, and we realised yes we had done the same weddings together two weeks in a row. We both commented on the popularity of the Black and white theme, and how awesome it looked.
This cake was for a couple who I unfortunately never got to meet in person. Emily lived in Sydney and organised the entire wedding from interstate. Her cake was just awesome- and probably my favourite for the week.

A three tier cake, with piped dots over the top and base tiers, in perfectly straight lines, and then a random thickness striped overlay on the middle tier, and a sugar bow to finish things off. It looked very classy in their marquee.

I am slowly catching up on my blogging!! I am about to head off on holidays for 10 days at the end of next week- July 11 brides don't despair- I will be back for your wedding cakes- before heading off on my Annual leave for the rest of July.
Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave a comment or ask a question about any of the cakes if you like!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

May Days

The last Saturday in May was a long day indeed. With 5 Saturdays in the month- the entire month felt long.
I completed and delivered 39 cakes during may- which is a huge feat- basically- on my own (with the exception of my Husband Steve helping me to deliver- and my 'lil sister Alex typing up my delivery notes) I felt a huge sense of achievement having made it through the month in one piece.
The first cake to be featured for the week is a style that I have done a few times this month. A two tier cake with a pearl striped overlay, and fresh ivory spray roses on the top.

This cake was for a wedding at the Stamford- the Bride to be lived in WA- and had organised the entire cake by email.

Each stripe is cut out by hand, then applied to the cake- before the icing sets and cracks- then once dried into place the shimmer is applied to the stripes.
The numbers for this wedding really grew from the initial quote- proving that you should never bank on 10-20% not being able to attend.

I actually had 2 cakes that day at the Stamford- which was great- one less delivery stop!
The next was a popular chocolate design- White heaven.
White chocolate callebaut scrolls stand vertical in a solid chocolate collar. The cake is iced in a white chocolate butter cream icing, leaving the rich chocolate centre disguised by the white exterior.

The reaction to this design is generally the same- after being overpowered by the intense white chocolate smell- the urge to just sneak a scroll from the cake is almost irresistible.
This cake design always reminds me of the first clients I ever made it for. Like many of my clients- they were so warm and friendly- and really gave me a fabulous opportunity to prove myself, by commissioning me when my business was so new. I am so grateful for their faith in me, and the business I have received from the design they chose.

Another design that I have had much requests for since I first made one was the Marbled chocolate design.

Each cake is unique, with the swirled white and chocolate fondant forming patterns through the icing- freestyle. This cake was for a Friday wedding out at Sirromet. The warm chocolate tones of the Barrell hall would have been a great compliment to this design.

It is not often I get the chance to make birthday cakes- but when I do they are normally pretty special.Although this cake is a single tier- it has long chocolate chards- and about 30 chocolate lollipops exploding from the top. My sister Alex did actually help with this cake- helping "bling" up the lollipops with cachous- keeping the design random and fun- rather than too structured. The bright bold colouring added allot of fun too!

The last delivery of the day was cupcakes. now I LOVE this design- a really elegant example of how a cupcake tower can fit into a stylish wedding.There were 3 designs in the cupcakes- each one iced differently, with an Ivory sugar bloom on top- either a mini rose and leaf, or a slightly bigger more open rose, or a cut blossom. The top tier was iced in Ivory fondant- with a combination of all three blooms on top.

Whilst I absolutely adored the cake ( and the clients)- the venue was another story. Hosting a wedding at your venue is not like hosting a dinner for 70 guests- it is a special one off event- celebrating a huge milestone in your life- and you pay for the privilege to be treated and respected accordingly.
Unfortunately the venue seems to have forgotten the fact that the impression of this day will last for a very long time on the memories of the Bride and groom- and all of those who attended it.
Changing their mind ( venue re access times) only a month out- meant that the couple's vendors only had a window of 1/2 hour before the on site wedding ceremony was taking place, to deliver and set up the venue. Being at the venue setting a cake when guests are arriving- in my opinion- makes me look to be running late and unprofessional.
Having the Groom, groomsmen and Father of the bride present at the venue while I am setting up- and while the venue still has lunch guests seated- with the event decorators setting tables around them seem ludicrous. Guests arriving and the reception is no where near ready looked like a complete shambles.
With all due respect to the Bride and groom themselves- they had chosen a fabulous location with a potentially awesome atmosphere- which had unfortunately been tainted by the venues obvious unwillingness to shorten the lunch service to accommodate the reception that evening. Had the clients been billed as if they were simply hosting 70 guests for dinner, then I would have no issue with the late set up- but a premium price is paid- which is in place to cover the need to allow greater set up time, and to ensure a more intimate service.
I am glad to say that I hear all went fabulously that evening- if only the guests could have entered the ceremony seeing a ready set venue with an air of calm- rather than panic by time pressed external vendors.

In the end all cakes were delivered, and from initial feedback everyone was delighted!
I am slowly catching up to my blog this space for more to come!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital Sibling Oncology Day

Alex helping out!

Success is what you make of it.
Every day I am thankful for the fabulous job I have, and the lifestyle it enables me to lead.
Having amazing clients ordering gorgeous cake designs is really rewarding. Being able to impart a tiny amount of happiness to others- by sharing my skills is totally awesome.
Late last year I gave up my time, and about 150 cupcakes- to help Camp Quality at the RBCH. It was a fabulous day, and really made an impression on me. So when I was asked by the children's hospital oncology department if I would participate in their Oncology siblings day on the 29th May- How could I resist???
This time I took along my "baby" sister Alex. With around 15 kids there to decorate cupcakes, 1kg of cachous, allot of sprinkles, Jaffas, handmade freckles, stars butterflies and more!
The day itself is run by the Oncology department- to help the siblings of children with cancer be informed of and deal with the trauma of having a sick brother or sister.

The first to finish a plate of cupcakes.... but many more were to come!

The impact of such a nasty disease does not only effect the patient, but everyone around them. Getting the siblings to understand what is happening, and being taught how to convey their fears and concerns is a major part of the healing and treatment process.
When Alex and I arrived with the Cupcakes and toppings- the kids were still in their groups learning about their siblings treatment, and what all the different "tubes" did and why they loose their hair..... these kids were unbelievable- their compassion and knowledge of what was going on with the treatment of their brothers and sisters was well beyond their young years.

This young man was so polite, and had some mean decorating skills to boot!

What started out a long bench with bowls of toppings and decorations, with neatly placed boxes of cupcakes at either end, soon turned into allot of fun, and sugar everywhere!

mmm?? what is that you have there?

Just like last time- there were some definite standout decorators amongst the group- some very meticulous in their design- others who liked to challenge the surface area of the icing, and add almost a packet of Jaffas on top of just one cupcake! ;) LOL!

Did someone say Jaffa's??????

Up close- the Jaffa attack cupcake selection!

The kids were uber polite, and each had a box to take home and share with their family.
Despite everyone taking home a box of cupcakes, we still had around 1/2 dozen boxes to share with patients and staff alike.

Everyone pitching in at the end to finish decorating the last of the cakes to share in the wards.

After a quick clean up- Amanda ( The fabulous organiser and Occupational Therapist) took Alex and I around the wards to hand out the cakes.

Using up every last little bit of decorations to finish the cupcakes.

This was my emotional distention. Seeing really sick kids worry more about others than themselves was heartbreaking. I was not an uncommon response form a patient- who didn't feel like sweet food ( as this is a side effect of the treatment to crave either salty or sweet- not both) to ask whether it would be OK to take a cake for their parent/s.
The sheer excitement of a brightly decorated cupcake being bought to their bedside really hit home how much you should appreciate the simple things in life.
I am delighted to say that I will be participating in the day again later in the year.
It is such a small donation for such a massive reward.
Thank you Amanda for having us there, A special thank you to the Kids for creating such bright and cheerful cupcakes, and a huge thank you to the cleaners- who would have to vacuum allot of sprinkles, and mop up a heap of butter cream of the floor!
A special mention to my sister Alex- who made almost all of the cupcake decorations to take along, worked wonders with the Kids and their parents, and was overall an invauable part of the success of the day.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I hope you are seated......

...because this one is a long one!

OK- so the third week in May was a rather large one for me. Not only did I have some awesome cakes to make- I also attended the ABIA awards evening. I had to super orgainse my week, and had to cut out a lunch date with some fellow fabulous cake decorators- but in the end I did it!
I will start with the ABIA night- I sat at a totally awesome table, I made new friends, and had a great night. I couldn't believe that it had been a year since I had met Anne Campbell- at last years awards night- who has been such a great woman to have met- not only does she pass on some fabulous referrals, her down to earth attitude and genuine friendship are invaluable! I sat next to Anne at the dinner, but there was more, The Brilliant photog Toni Snell also sat on our table, as did Cherisse from Cherisse Make up Artistry, Jennine from Florabella designs, and Tina and Nigel from NKN Photography. As per usual, my family of supporters also tagged along- this year had my husband Steve, My Mum and my sister Alex.
I was not a winner, nor the runner up this year, I came in 6th place- not bad at all.

My sister Alex made friends with Betty Ross- the lady who has won the award for the past 7 years running. Alex had her picture taken with Betty "because she is a winner" unlike me.

My face says it all- I was disappointed, but was comforted by the fact that I had allot of votes!

After the late night- it was straight back into the baking and decorating schedule.

I worked with an amazing amount of flowers that week.
The first cake was for a repeat client- Christine Kontoleon. I made Christine's 21st cake a few years back, then her engagement, and on the 23rd May I made her Wedding cake!

With over 130 fresh roses filling between the layers, this 4 tier version of the Gradioso design fit beautifully into the Customs house Long Room.

Each tier is detailed with swagging and a daisy chain effect. All in ivory tones- it is a stunning cake- without being ostentatious.

The next design is a total contrast- smooth chocolate ganache coated this rich chocolate fruit cake ( yes you read correctly- and it is divine!) with crisp white seasonal blooms to decorate- just so elegant and pretty.

I used one of my personal ceramic stands for this cake- which gave the cake another element when put together on the cake table.

I have made allot of cakes with the pearl striped overlay recently- and this week saw me make two more.
The first was for a wedding at the Stamford- with Fresh Ivory roses on top and piped icing pearls around the base.

A classic design for sure.
The next was for another returning client. I made a cake for holly and her Mum a couple of years back- and it was a pleasure to make her wedding cake.

Featuring a painted striped overlay- in a soft latte, with vine detail also painted in the pearl latte, and sugar roses, featuring a very faint dusting of purple in the centres.
There was only one Cupcake tower this week.

Layers of pale mint green and cream iced cupcakes made this tower. White chocolate chards surrounded the top tier- with a big white bow flowing down the tiers.

Next on the Delivery run was a white two tier version of the "french kicker" design- topped with white and antique roses, this cake was crisp and romantic all rolled into one.

This cake was for a reception at the Hotel Grand Chancellor- and I am always so delighted to go there. Inside is a beautiful hotel with friendly informative staff, and such a convenient location too.

My day ended as it began- setting another flower stacked cake. These cakes take around an hour to put together. When the flowers are supplied by the clients I request that the flowers are individually wired and taped from the florist,not only for hygiene reasons, but also that the finished cake is neat and perfect.
The roses for this design were unfortunately not provided as specified, which made it very hard to arrange the the blooms neatly and precisely.

Despite not being provided with correctly taped flowers, the cake came together well.

Delivering cakes isn't just about dropping off the fabulous cake onto the cake table, it is getting the cake there as perfect as it was created, and being able to work with little bumps in the road when things aren't always as they were meant to be. All for the purpose of creating a magnificent reception for the newlyweds and their guests to enjoy!

So at the end of a super huge week- I survived, the cakes were made and delivered, and more than 1000 people enjoyed a slice of my cake!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Bloody Cheek!

OK- so I know that I am a month behind in blogging- but this really does deserve to queue jump.
I received and email this morning from Rachel (in the USA) letting me know that she had noticed some of my cakes on another decorators website. The Decorator is in Singapore- and has carefully cropped off my watermarks and used the images as her own.
She even had the hide to have a copyright message at the base of her web page!!!!!
I have emailed both the company and the web server asking for the images to be removed.
Don't get me wrong- I am all for people admiring each others work, and can totally understand Bride to Be's saving their favourite cakes from my website, but to blatantly use my images to promote your business is just plain despicable.
I really appreciate Rachel letting me know. This is not the first time this has happened with my images, and I am usually pretty quick off the mark to see where they have been used, so fingers crossed this company will have the decency to remove the images immediately.
Unfortunately many decorators are victims of unauthorised use of images, but it is with fabulous followers like Rachel- who recognise when the images they are seeing are from elsewhere, that the misuse can be bought to everyone's attention.
When I began I had a modest 9 images on my website- but they were all mine, not copied from someone else's hard work- disguised as my own. I am in the final stages of finishing my new Flash Web site- which you cannot even save an image from- with close to 600 images for potential clients to view. Now all I need to do is tag all of the images, and I am ready to launch.
With the new 2009 watermark over the centre of the image- it is virtually impossible to remove it! Lets hope this keeps the cheeky buggers on their toes!
UPDATE!- My images have been swiftly removed from the site!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Making Friends with the M1

Ok- so this may be a strange tittle, but it is not often that I have to drive the M1 to the coast, let alone 2 days in a row.
What is a straight forward drive, is still rather long, and often heavy with traffic, despite the 4 lanes.
I left on Friday around Lunch time- with my grandmother as my travelling companion- as everyone else was at work ;( - and headed up the highway to Mt Tambourine. It was my first ever personal delivery to Mt Tambourine Rainforest Gardens- while I have sent cakes their before, the clients have always collected them.
I arrived up the mountain to the gardens, beautiful gorgeous gardens, with perfectly trimmed hedges! The room where the reception was being held was romantically lit, and decorated in white and champagne colours- just pretty!

The tower of Frangipani cupcakes looked soft and elegant amongst the like setting.
Having a companion meant I could pop in for a quick lunch at one of my favourite Mt Tambourine Cafes, and as per usual- the food was fabulous!
On the Saturday I headed back up the freeway to Sanctuary Cove Country club, where the reception was set in the foyer. Beautiful tall table centerpieces with White Singapore orchids and tortured willow looked amazing! Karen from Bliss floral was once again responsible for the gorgeous floral arrangements and wedding flowers.
Karen had dropped the cake flowers and vine to me in the morning of the wedding, before heading up to Mt Tambourine and Sanctuary Cove to deliver the bridal , church and reception flowers. It made me realise what a huge day florists have too- especially when they often wait for the ceremony to finish then take the ceremony flowers to the reception! WOW!

The cake itself was actually for a friend of one of our close friends. Rachel and Gavin chose a three tier square cake, with a piped "criss cross" design, and a triple band of ribbons to match in with the bridesmaids dresses.
Once back in Brisbane- it was off the Clovelly Estate cellar door at Red Hill- where this single tier wedding cake was just adorable.

Keeping the cake a single tier doesn't have to be boring, this cake had cut black blossoms in different sizes and a cartoon couple on top. While I can imagine just how awesome this cake would look as a three or four tier design, the single tier was classy all on its own.

Pink and Purple butterflies graced the next cupcake tower. Soft pastel shades blended well together in this design.

I really need to become a better photographer- to capture the true colours of the cakes - maybe it is the fact that I have a pentax point and shoot camera rather than a spenny big black one ;) Oh and the fact that I am not a photographer LOL!!
My week wasn't over with the Saturday- I had two weddings on the Sunday- and two very similar cakes.
The first was for the cousin of a past client (and the cousin of a florist I know)- This cake was replicated from an image in a magazine. Piped icing pearls formed a "triangular" pattern up the front side of the cake, sugar roses on the top- then the entire cake was lustered with snow flake. Snow flake is a translucent power that gives an awesome shimmer effect the cakes and flowers etc.. I had used this very liberally on this cake, only to find out just hours later that my supplier is having issues getting it in stock!!! A quick trawl of the Internet had me ordering my own shipment to keep "Cake That" in stock of all things shimmery!
Last but not least for the weekend was for a return client (well the same family). I made the bride's sisters cake 2 years ago, I never met the bride and groom, or the Bride's mother- who organised the cake- and this time was no different. All via phone and email.
The design they chose has sort of become a "Cake That!" classic. I make this cake really often, and each time it looks just as pretty. the piped icing pearls rise up the sides, ranging in size, like little bubbles floating up each tier. White sugar roses on the top to complete the look.

After a long weekend of delivering cakes I got the chance to catch up with some other fellow Brisbane cake decorators. There are some really fabulous decorators in Brisbane, and getting to know them and sharing ideas and techniques is such fun. It may sound a bit kitsch- but it really is nice to have a network of decorator Friends. These are the people that I recommend when I am not able to help, and am more than happy to pass work their way.

I am slowly catching up with the blog- more to come..............

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh My Gosh!
I can't believe how behind in blogging I am!
May was a massive month- not only was there 5 Saturdays in May- there was Mothers Day, an Awards dinner, and more!

So to keep the ball rolling, this blog is about the cakes all the way back on the weekend of the 9th/10th May!

Firstly was a Cake I send down to Burleigh Heads.

This two tier cake had extended white chocolate chards to give the illusion of a much bigger cake.
The blissfully happy Bride and Groom to be came and collected their cake and took it down the coast.

Many people worry about taking their own cake, but as they are all boxed and ready for travel- there really is no worry with a cake of this size.

The next cake had me running back and forth to complete it.
While I delivered the cake at the confirmed time, unfortunately a bit of confusion meant that the florists flowers were not available for me to place onto the cake. A phone call just as I was arriving home- to let me know that the flowers were now at the hotel, had me straight back into the car and returning to the hotel- to complete the cake.

I love to see the cake finished, and I only live a short drive from the city, so all was good!
This classic three tier design was simply beautiful. No Fuss, just a sharp iced cake, with flowers that matched the bouquets.

I sent my Husband to do the next two cakes on his own. The first was a wedding out at Sirromet- for a lunch time reception.
"Bright Happy Colours" was the brief, with the addition of the multi design cupcakes, this cake tower was bold, bright, and made me smile!

There was 4 cupcake designs- "I do" " Chinese double happiness" "interlocking martini glasses" and the " piped heart" design. The top tier had brushed monogram initials on top.

After Sirromet - Steve headed to the Shangri La at Wynnum to deliver this two tier Cherry Blossom cake for Laura and Shumpei.

Shumpei gave me an education on real cherry blossoms, their colours and their importance in the wedding when I met with them to design the cake. He had had a little giggle about the fact that people choose certain colours for the cherry blossoms, but in reality these do not exist.

Their two tier pale pink cake blended beautifully with their room.

Mothers day fell on the Sunday of this weekend- so I held High tea at my home for my family and my In laws.
I love making High Tea- all the little pieces of cake look so pretty when they are set up.
I made teeny tiny cupcakes, not much bigger than a five cent piece at the base, which my 2 1/2 year old niece loved- they were just a perfect size for her to gobble up!
My sister Alex and I also made an iced biscuit for each guest in a variety of "girly" designsMy family was spoilt for choice, with everything form White chocolate Rocky road, through to Passionfriut curd tartlets, Macadamia caramel pies, rosewater cakes, and wicked espresso brownie amongst the many items to choose from.

I plan in blogging like crazy this week- to catch up on the 3 or so weeks that I am still behind- woops!