Sunday, 21 June 2009

How Did you Find Me???.....

This is the question that I ask all of my clients when I meet them. I don't really advertise, not because I am so up myself that I think I don't need to- but because it is so expensive. I have such a small advertising budget that if I started booking adverts in every bridal magazine, expo and website that approached me, I would be up for tens of thousands of dollars each year- something that I just don't have.
I really value the word of mouth advertising that I receive from both my clients and fellow vendors alike. I have no question in recommending a vendor that I meet whose work is consistently outstanding, and is all round a pleasure to meet. While we all seem to be frazzled on a Saturday in this industry- it is a welcome sight to see a friendly smiling face from a wedding provider you share a client with.
Building a rapport with venues and vendors is really important to me and my business. It is often quite lonely working on your own, so building relationships based purely on admiration of the product or service becomes helpful to both me and my customers. By knowing about other services I can help pass on names and suggest businesses that may be able to help make a perfect wedding day.
Lately I have had Thaddeus form TWK studio let me know that 3 of my past couples have mentioned me in his blog. Thaddeus has his clients write their own "wedding review" reflecting on their special day through his photography blog.
I have never met Thaddeus- I wouldn't know him if I fell over him in the street- but his kindness in letting me know that our mutual clients have mentioned my business in his blog is just lovely.
You can see the amazing photos from each wedding on the TWK Blog:
Michelle and Craig- March 2009
Vicki and Rob April 2009
Leslie and Quyen May 2009

I actually had a cake yesterday- for another couple I have never met either- only to realise that they had found me through the fabulous Anne Campbell. I noticed on Anne's Facebook that she had commented she was about to do a rehearsal at Brookwater. I had a cake at Brookwater too! Renee and Michael? I wonder..... Yes!- Anne quickly replied to inform me "how do you think they found you ;) ??" she is a champion indeed!

I am also on Toni Snell's blog this week too! She is just awesome, so when I knew we had a like client in Holly and Sean's wedding back in May- I sent her and her dad (who shoots with her) a box of cupcakes. I didn't send cupcakes as a bribe to be included in the blog, but just as a thanks for all the referrals. I know that Toni's Mum also likes cupcakes so I left a note to make sure that she too got her share.

I have a great site meter that lets me know where all of my blog and website visitors come from- so I get to see so many mentions of "Cake That!" on blogs and websites all over the world.
It is rather overwhelming that an ordinary girl from Brisbane is being bookmarked by fans all over the globe- who have RSS feeds of my blog and await a new entry from me.
I have some exciting times ahead, not only with cakes, but on a personal front too.
My baby sister is turning 21 in August- and together ;) we have designed a kick A** cake for her Black white and Bling party! I also have cakes to make for the Brisbane Ekka.
I am looking forward to sharing some great stories with all of you soon!

So how did you find out about me??


Kathy Dvorski said...

Advertising is the biggest expense of my business. The market is overwhelmingly large and there needs to be a way to reach potential customers. The best way is the word of mouth of course followed by networking using the Facebook, blog and maybe events. But business still needs to advertise. Currently my budget enables me to max my capacity and i can predict accurately the number of orders I will be receiving every week and when I do fill my quote I stop my ads.

Cake business is very demanding and time consuming - taking a step forward to hire people and maybe rent a studio outside your home requires as much, if not more funds and effort than it is needed to get started.

mumandpoo said...

Thank you so much for the cupcakes SJ. They did find their way home, and they definitely didnt last long. Delicious. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday, Maralyn (Toni.s mum)