Sunday, 14 June 2009

Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital Sibling Oncology Day

Alex helping out!

Success is what you make of it.
Every day I am thankful for the fabulous job I have, and the lifestyle it enables me to lead.
Having amazing clients ordering gorgeous cake designs is really rewarding. Being able to impart a tiny amount of happiness to others- by sharing my skills is totally awesome.
Late last year I gave up my time, and about 150 cupcakes- to help Camp Quality at the RBCH. It was a fabulous day, and really made an impression on me. So when I was asked by the children's hospital oncology department if I would participate in their Oncology siblings day on the 29th May- How could I resist???
This time I took along my "baby" sister Alex. With around 15 kids there to decorate cupcakes, 1kg of cachous, allot of sprinkles, Jaffas, handmade freckles, stars butterflies and more!
The day itself is run by the Oncology department- to help the siblings of children with cancer be informed of and deal with the trauma of having a sick brother or sister.

The first to finish a plate of cupcakes.... but many more were to come!

The impact of such a nasty disease does not only effect the patient, but everyone around them. Getting the siblings to understand what is happening, and being taught how to convey their fears and concerns is a major part of the healing and treatment process.
When Alex and I arrived with the Cupcakes and toppings- the kids were still in their groups learning about their siblings treatment, and what all the different "tubes" did and why they loose their hair..... these kids were unbelievable- their compassion and knowledge of what was going on with the treatment of their brothers and sisters was well beyond their young years.

This young man was so polite, and had some mean decorating skills to boot!

What started out a long bench with bowls of toppings and decorations, with neatly placed boxes of cupcakes at either end, soon turned into allot of fun, and sugar everywhere!

mmm?? what is that you have there?

Just like last time- there were some definite standout decorators amongst the group- some very meticulous in their design- others who liked to challenge the surface area of the icing, and add almost a packet of Jaffas on top of just one cupcake! ;) LOL!

Did someone say Jaffa's??????

Up close- the Jaffa attack cupcake selection!

The kids were uber polite, and each had a box to take home and share with their family.
Despite everyone taking home a box of cupcakes, we still had around 1/2 dozen boxes to share with patients and staff alike.

Everyone pitching in at the end to finish decorating the last of the cakes to share in the wards.

After a quick clean up- Amanda ( The fabulous organiser and Occupational Therapist) took Alex and I around the wards to hand out the cakes.

Using up every last little bit of decorations to finish the cupcakes.

This was my emotional distention. Seeing really sick kids worry more about others than themselves was heartbreaking. I was not an uncommon response form a patient- who didn't feel like sweet food ( as this is a side effect of the treatment to crave either salty or sweet- not both) to ask whether it would be OK to take a cake for their parent/s.
The sheer excitement of a brightly decorated cupcake being bought to their bedside really hit home how much you should appreciate the simple things in life.
I am delighted to say that I will be participating in the day again later in the year.
It is such a small donation for such a massive reward.
Thank you Amanda for having us there, A special thank you to the Kids for creating such bright and cheerful cupcakes, and a huge thank you to the cleaners- who would have to vacuum allot of sprinkles, and mop up a heap of butter cream of the floor!
A special mention to my sister Alex- who made almost all of the cupcake decorations to take along, worked wonders with the Kids and their parents, and was overall an invauable part of the success of the day.

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Jennine said...

What a wonderful event to be involved in and with Sarah. If i can ever help out in what ever capacity please let meknow