Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I hope you are seated......

...because this one is a long one!

OK- so the third week in May was a rather large one for me. Not only did I have some awesome cakes to make- I also attended the ABIA awards evening. I had to super orgainse my week, and had to cut out a lunch date with some fellow fabulous cake decorators- but in the end I did it!
I will start with the ABIA night- I sat at a totally awesome table, I made new friends, and had a great night. I couldn't believe that it had been a year since I had met Anne Campbell- at last years awards night- who has been such a great woman to have met- not only does she pass on some fabulous referrals, her down to earth attitude and genuine friendship are invaluable! I sat next to Anne at the dinner, but there was more, The Brilliant photog Toni Snell also sat on our table, as did Cherisse from Cherisse Make up Artistry, Jennine from Florabella designs, and Tina and Nigel from NKN Photography. As per usual, my family of supporters also tagged along- this year had my husband Steve, My Mum and my sister Alex.
I was not a winner, nor the runner up this year, I came in 6th place- not bad at all.

My sister Alex made friends with Betty Ross- the lady who has won the award for the past 7 years running. Alex had her picture taken with Betty "because she is a winner" unlike me.

My face says it all- I was disappointed, but was comforted by the fact that I had allot of votes!

After the late night- it was straight back into the baking and decorating schedule.

I worked with an amazing amount of flowers that week.
The first cake was for a repeat client- Christine Kontoleon. I made Christine's 21st cake a few years back, then her engagement, and on the 23rd May I made her Wedding cake!

With over 130 fresh roses filling between the layers, this 4 tier version of the Gradioso design fit beautifully into the Customs house Long Room.

Each tier is detailed with swagging and a daisy chain effect. All in ivory tones- it is a stunning cake- without being ostentatious.

The next design is a total contrast- smooth chocolate ganache coated this rich chocolate fruit cake ( yes you read correctly- and it is divine!) with crisp white seasonal blooms to decorate- just so elegant and pretty.

I used one of my personal ceramic stands for this cake- which gave the cake another element when put together on the cake table.

I have made allot of cakes with the pearl striped overlay recently- and this week saw me make two more.
The first was for a wedding at the Stamford- with Fresh Ivory roses on top and piped icing pearls around the base.

A classic design for sure.
The next was for another returning client. I made a cake for holly and her Mum a couple of years back- and it was a pleasure to make her wedding cake.

Featuring a painted striped overlay- in a soft latte, with vine detail also painted in the pearl latte, and sugar roses, featuring a very faint dusting of purple in the centres.
There was only one Cupcake tower this week.

Layers of pale mint green and cream iced cupcakes made this tower. White chocolate chards surrounded the top tier- with a big white bow flowing down the tiers.

Next on the Delivery run was a white two tier version of the "french kicker" design- topped with white and antique roses, this cake was crisp and romantic all rolled into one.

This cake was for a reception at the Hotel Grand Chancellor- and I am always so delighted to go there. Inside is a beautiful hotel with friendly informative staff, and such a convenient location too.

My day ended as it began- setting another flower stacked cake. These cakes take around an hour to put together. When the flowers are supplied by the clients I request that the flowers are individually wired and taped from the florist,not only for hygiene reasons, but also that the finished cake is neat and perfect.
The roses for this design were unfortunately not provided as specified, which made it very hard to arrange the the blooms neatly and precisely.

Despite not being provided with correctly taped flowers, the cake came together well.

Delivering cakes isn't just about dropping off the fabulous cake onto the cake table, it is getting the cake there as perfect as it was created, and being able to work with little bumps in the road when things aren't always as they were meant to be. All for the purpose of creating a magnificent reception for the newlyweds and their guests to enjoy!

So at the end of a super huge week- I survived, the cakes were made and delivered, and more than 1000 people enjoyed a slice of my cake!


rachescakes said...

I am sorry you didn't win, but 6th place is still pretty impressive.

I love seeing your cakes, it gives me something to work towards.

How do you pipe your dots so perfectly? Mine always end up with little peaks on them.

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Rachel!
To stop the peak on the piped icing pearl, you simply have a damp soft paint brush and "dab" the peak after you pipe it- to smooth it over.
I hope this makes sense.
It is time comsuming, but worth the effort.

rachescakes said...

Thanks for the tip!

Shellsibelle said...

Well done on 6th place!!! I believe you should have got 1st place though! ;]
Your cakes are awesome, I *always* have cravings after reading your blogs!!
~Michelle :] xx