Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Bloody Cheek!

OK- so I know that I am a month behind in blogging- but this really does deserve to queue jump.
I received and email this morning from Rachel (in the USA) letting me know that she had noticed some of my cakes on another decorators website. The Decorator is in Singapore- and has carefully cropped off my watermarks and used the images as her own.
She even had the hide to have a copyright message at the base of her web page!!!!!
I have emailed both the company and the web server asking for the images to be removed.
Don't get me wrong- I am all for people admiring each others work, and can totally understand Bride to Be's saving their favourite cakes from my website, but to blatantly use my images to promote your business is just plain despicable.
I really appreciate Rachel letting me know. This is not the first time this has happened with my images, and I am usually pretty quick off the mark to see where they have been used, so fingers crossed this company will have the decency to remove the images immediately.
Unfortunately many decorators are victims of unauthorised use of images, but it is with fabulous followers like Rachel- who recognise when the images they are seeing are from elsewhere, that the misuse can be bought to everyone's attention.
When I began I had a modest 9 images on my website- but they were all mine, not copied from someone else's hard work- disguised as my own. I am in the final stages of finishing my new Flash Web site- which you cannot even save an image from- with close to 600 images for potential clients to view. Now all I need to do is tag all of the images, and I am ready to launch.
With the new 2009 watermark over the centre of the image- it is virtually impossible to remove it! Lets hope this keeps the cheeky buggers on their toes!
UPDATE!- My images have been swiftly removed from the site!


Anonymous said...

I am glad they were removed! Hopefully the new website will cut down on things like this happening.

Lesley said...

OOoh this happens to me too, so rude of them to do that :(((( I'm so glad that they removed them and you have ways to protect your new images. I can block them on my blog, but still working on a way to block it on the website. Your cakes as always are just amazing!!