Tuesday, 16 June 2009

May Days

The last Saturday in May was a long day indeed. With 5 Saturdays in the month- the entire month felt long.
I completed and delivered 39 cakes during may- which is a huge feat- basically- on my own (with the exception of my Husband Steve helping me to deliver- and my 'lil sister Alex typing up my delivery notes) I felt a huge sense of achievement having made it through the month in one piece.
The first cake to be featured for the week is a style that I have done a few times this month. A two tier cake with a pearl striped overlay, and fresh ivory spray roses on the top.

This cake was for a wedding at the Stamford- the Bride to be lived in WA- and had organised the entire cake by email.

Each stripe is cut out by hand, then applied to the cake- before the icing sets and cracks- then once dried into place the shimmer is applied to the stripes.
The numbers for this wedding really grew from the initial quote- proving that you should never bank on 10-20% not being able to attend.

I actually had 2 cakes that day at the Stamford- which was great- one less delivery stop!
The next was a popular chocolate design- White heaven.
White chocolate callebaut scrolls stand vertical in a solid chocolate collar. The cake is iced in a white chocolate butter cream icing, leaving the rich chocolate centre disguised by the white exterior.

The reaction to this design is generally the same- after being overpowered by the intense white chocolate smell- the urge to just sneak a scroll from the cake is almost irresistible.
This cake design always reminds me of the first clients I ever made it for. Like many of my clients- they were so warm and friendly- and really gave me a fabulous opportunity to prove myself, by commissioning me when my business was so new. I am so grateful for their faith in me, and the business I have received from the design they chose.

Another design that I have had much requests for since I first made one was the Marbled chocolate design.

Each cake is unique, with the swirled white and chocolate fondant forming patterns through the icing- freestyle. This cake was for a Friday wedding out at Sirromet. The warm chocolate tones of the Barrell hall would have been a great compliment to this design.

It is not often I get the chance to make birthday cakes- but when I do they are normally pretty special.Although this cake is a single tier- it has long chocolate chards- and about 30 chocolate lollipops exploding from the top. My sister Alex did actually help with this cake- helping "bling" up the lollipops with cachous- keeping the design random and fun- rather than too structured. The bright bold colouring added allot of fun too!

The last delivery of the day was cupcakes. now I LOVE this design- a really elegant example of how a cupcake tower can fit into a stylish wedding.There were 3 designs in the cupcakes- each one iced differently, with an Ivory sugar bloom on top- either a mini rose and leaf, or a slightly bigger more open rose, or a cut blossom. The top tier was iced in Ivory fondant- with a combination of all three blooms on top.

Whilst I absolutely adored the cake ( and the clients)- the venue was another story. Hosting a wedding at your venue is not like hosting a dinner for 70 guests- it is a special one off event- celebrating a huge milestone in your life- and you pay for the privilege to be treated and respected accordingly.
Unfortunately the venue seems to have forgotten the fact that the impression of this day will last for a very long time on the memories of the Bride and groom- and all of those who attended it.
Changing their mind ( venue re access times) only a month out- meant that the couple's vendors only had a window of 1/2 hour before the on site wedding ceremony was taking place, to deliver and set up the venue. Being at the venue setting a cake when guests are arriving- in my opinion- makes me look to be running late and unprofessional.
Having the Groom, groomsmen and Father of the bride present at the venue while I am setting up- and while the venue still has lunch guests seated- with the event decorators setting tables around them seem ludicrous. Guests arriving and the reception is no where near ready looked like a complete shambles.
With all due respect to the Bride and groom themselves- they had chosen a fabulous location with a potentially awesome atmosphere- which had unfortunately been tainted by the venues obvious unwillingness to shorten the lunch service to accommodate the reception that evening. Had the clients been billed as if they were simply hosting 70 guests for dinner, then I would have no issue with the late set up- but a premium price is paid- which is in place to cover the need to allow greater set up time, and to ensure a more intimate service.
I am glad to say that I hear all went fabulously that evening- if only the guests could have entered the ceremony seeing a ready set venue with an air of calm- rather than panic by time pressed external vendors.

In the end all cakes were delivered, and from initial feedback everyone was delighted!
I am slowly catching up to my blog entries...........watch this space for more to come!


cekmekzue said...

Dear Sarah,
I may be miles away from you and I am admiring your creativity , your beautiful cakes from faraway., thanx to this IT thing, you are only a click away. I am new in this cake deco and you are an inspiration.Love your work!

Kathy Dvorski Cakes said...

I just love your work...