Sunday, 16 August 2009

Totally Eclectic

If variety is the spice of life- well I led a very spicy life indeed this week!

I love that my clients choose different cake designs- and that each one is individual to its event.

The most outstanding of the designs this week would have to be Rini and Javed's explosively fun Engagement cake- that I have labeled as " Tutti Fruiti"!

This cake is an adaptation of a pink cake box design that they bought to me, changing all of the colours to suit their theme and adding hearts to make this Mad Hatter design theirs!

The cake inside was Kahlua Mudacke, Traditional Mudcake and Macadamia Mudcake- choc on choc on choc!

I also had a Surprise Birthday cake for this weekend. an adaptation of the Fantastic 50 design form my website- this cake had a gold and blue colour theme to match in with the room decorations!

Long chocolate chards encased a double stacked ganache covered Hazelnut Frangellico Mudcake!

I hope the Birthday boy enjoyed his surprise!

I was back at the "Brisbane Club" this weekend- delivering this beautiful classic three tier design. Each sugar rose was dusted with either a soft lilac or soft pink colour, and ice green leaves dotted throughout the design.

The rounded cake edges added a different element from my usual sharper edged designs. I actually had to stop and think when I was covering theses cakes- to keep the edges rounded and soft! It is weird how you get use to a technique, and when you have to go back to old ways it can be a little challenging.

Last but not least for this blog was a two tier cake with a cute cartoon family.

With a small boy climbing onto the top of the base tier, and a baby at his parents feet- it was all too cute indeed!

I had a lot of driving this weekend gone to deliver the cakes- and this week ahead is no different!

It will be head down behind up this week, Jam packed with some awesome cakes that I have been waiting to make for months!

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Anonymous said...

How do you actually make the edges of the cake have a sharper look? Do you have to use different ingredients or is all in the way you ice the cake. You can tell the difference.By the way your cakes are awesome.

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Anonymous
Thank you for your comment.
To get sharper edges I started using a two smoother method of icing. Not any different ingredients from my usual ones.
I do ganache the cakes first before doing a single thin coat of the rolled fondant.

miamorsweets said...

beautiful, beautiful cakes!