Tuesday, 25 August 2009

here we go again.......

I had a huge day of delivering on Saturday- I mean BIG! I was delivering for 8 hours- and travelled from Redcliffe to Marburg and everywhere in between.
I capped of a huge day with dinner at my parents- only to return home late that night to find an email from the lovely Kylie Lambert of Le Cupcake.

Kylie had been the victim of another Sydney based cupcake maker stealing her images and posting them on her website ( and facebook group) as her own. Kylie wasn't the only cake decorator whose images were stolen, Mine were also included- as well as others including Planet cake.
Kylie was kind enough to alert me to this, and I lodged a DCMA form- which alerts the web host of intellectual copyright infringement. I also contacted the lady who was using my images to ask her to please remove them and to let her know the action taken.

To say this "lady" is ruthless is an understatement- she flatly refused to acknowledge that she had stolen the images. Even my watermark had been cropped off- so that they had no "cake that!" stamp in them. While the images have been removed by the web host- it is still disturbing that a fellow "Australian" would be so arrogant and inconsiderate to pass off others work as her own.
Regular blog readers will know that this is not my first instance of photo stealing- in fact my third this year!

Despite this blatant disregard for other decorators work, there is a good side to this story- Having other fabulous decorators -like Kylie- out there who can recognise your work and alert you when someone is fraudulently using your images is a godsend.

I hope all of my clients realise that although not always perfect- my cakes are mine- not someone else's image that I aspire to create/replicate- but the actual cakes I have made.
I actually found the picture of my first ever "stacked" three tier cake the other day!!!!!!! OMG- it wasn't very good at all- in fact I am quite perplexed that my family and friends continued to encourage me to make cakes. LOL!!
Anyway- for know my pictures are only on my site- and if you happen to notice someone posing my cakes as their- drop me an email- it is certainly appreciated!

Thank you Kylie for letting me know- lets hope Karma has a way of sorting this rouge cake maker out!

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