Friday, 14 August 2009

Happy Birthday Kate!

As mentioned in the Previous post- I now have 4 family birthdays in 12 days!!!!
My fabulous Sister Kate celebrated her 31st Birthday this week.
To be honest- we are all sick of my cake, while it does taste great- when you eat it week in week out, you crave something different!
Masterchef set our mouths watering when Adrian Zumbo created the devilish 7 layer Mousse cake for the contestants to recreate- since then, it has been Kate's request to have this cake as her birthday cake. I wasn't able to make Kate's 30th Cake as she was in the UK- so I thought I would give this a crack for her. Not exactly to the recipe ( I had to use what I had on hand- As I was busy with "real" orders- but I made a mousse cake for her- in my own way.
I made the Salted caramel and the Sabayon chocolate mousse, the sable base layer- and added a layer of caramelised pears and a thin layer of mocha fudge cake- all wrapped up in a white chocolate collar, with a chocolate plaque and fresh strawberries to finish.
With only a few hours to make the cake ( and no I don't own a blast freezer to enable me to complete it in 3 hours like on the show- let alone have someone pre weigh the ingredients for me too ;)) phone calls to answer, and in general a business to run- I ended up with the cake above.

My Dad thought it Apt to call me Poh- seeing as I had changed the recipe to suit my needs- such a dad thing to say- at least he thought it was hilarious.
Anyway- with a dozen of us to celebrate Kate's birthday dinner- only 1/2 cake was eaten. It is super rich- more than a litre of cream and 250g butter, as well as an enormous amount of sugar and chocolate go into this cake.

All 12 of us Squeezed into Kate's 4 room 1880's cottage. Kate cooked an awesome dinner for us all too!

the cake was layered- vanilla sable- mocha fudge cake caramelized pears, salted caramel, double batch chocolate sabayon mousse with salted caramel on top, and a white chocolate collar around the sides. No time for macaroons or decor sponge- sorry Kate!

I am not normally a caramel fan- but I seriously could have eaten the entire pot of this salted caramel! Just delicious!

Happy Birthday Kate- I hope you are still enjoying your cake!

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