Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Crystal Couture

A few weeks ago now I received an email from Bek at "Crystal Couture" asking if I would be interested to see her wares. I often get asked if I am interested in products, but rarely reply, as many ore just not suitable and are looking for a bit of free advertising. This was not the case with Bek's fabulous Crystal cake toppers.
Bling is IN! And I know that this style of cake topper is definitely something I would want to adorn one of my cakes with!

While there are some Crystal cake toppers out there- many are from Overseas ( And Bek is right her in Brisbane) and they also only come in one or two fonts.
I invited Bek over to my home studio to take a look at her stuff and talk about what options there were. With Bek basically anything is possible- the toppers can be made to suit the needs of each couple- size, font- even the amount of "bling" can all be tailored to a clients request.

I have invited Bek to create some toppers to be displayed in my studio- and will create cake designs to match- that way my clients will be able to see the quality, size and overall beauty of these toppers.

Crystal Couture isn't just about monogram letter toppers- there is a whole range.
And if you just want csome brautiful stainless stell monogram letters without the "bling" - well thats fine too!
I have had Bek write me up a little "blurb" about her business and what she offers.
Here it is:

Crystal Couture - Swarovski Crystal Cake Toppers & Accessories

Celebrate your special day in style with our exquisite range of unique Cake Jewellery & Swarovski Crystal Cake Knife Serving Sets.

Design your own Cake Topper - Choose from a wide selection of fonts and designs embellished with Swarovski crystallized elements to match your weddings theme colours.

From single monogram toppers to triple letter toppers, anniversaries, birthdays and christenings... Crystal Couture can create the perfect blinged out cake topper and matching serving sets for all of your special celebrations!
Check out our range of Swarovski Crystal Havaianas - These Blinged Thongs are perfect for beach weddings or the Bride that wants to kick off her high heels and dance the night away!
Order online today - We post Australia Wide!

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