Monday, 3 August 2009

A Beautiful Show

My first week back hasn't been that slow start back to work we all dream of- quite the opposite in fact.
I love a challenge, so I am proud to say I made it through the week sane. I had wedding cakes, display cakes, and Ekka Cakes to make, plus organise and cater for my baby sisters 21st (more on that in another post), as well as make a "Pink Princess Castle Cake" for my niece's 3rd Birthday!
My consultation room has had a display cake overhaul- with all new display cakes and a full bowl of minties- I am ready to meet with clients again this week.

These cakes- whilst some on show at the Ekka- will become part of my new display.
The first is my favourite! I love the shape- the colour and the roses, it just "feels" beautiful to me. I find it really hard to make display cakes, not that I can't think of new designs- but I have to factor in what potential clients want to see, what they like, coupled with a touch of "me" in the final design. If I had the time to make 100 display cakes I would.

This stencil design is a two person job- but well worth the effort. For a Vintage Romantic or Elegant Theme, I could stare at this cake all day!

A bit of fun, and the "colour scheme" of the moment- this black and white design with custom cartoon couple is sweet!

I often get asked if I make the toppers- Yes I do. Each couple is made to resemble the actual couple on their wedding day- right down to the wedding dress design.Unfortunately for those who are having their cakes made elsewhere- the toppers are not for individual sale.

The Last cake is a latte coloured cake with an embroidery overlay.
A double barrel base tier and single top tier, each tier banded with a cornflower blue ribbon, and a crystal brooch detail on the top.

My Favourite "real" cake for the week has to be the Cake I made for Candice's wedding on Saturday at Boulevard Gardens.

This four tier all white wedding cake is the epitome of classic beauty! Monochromatic cakes (to me) always look just divine!

Last but not least for this post is the cake I made for my niece Scarlett's 3rd Birthday on Saturday- with the instructions to create a "Pink Princess Castle Cake" I think I fit the criteria. I took inspiration from one of Debbie Brown's Castle cakes and added a bit of "client requests" and a princess Scarlett- and Viola! One smiling Niece!

Everything pink- what was I thinking wearing black???

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