Friday, 15 August 2008

A Birthday Surprise!

As regular readers would know- one of my sisters lives in Edinburgh! Well the other day it was her 30th Birthday- so as a surprise I sent her a cake!
Being the resident cake maker- it is sad when you are not able to make cakes for Friends and Family's birthdays- so in the back of my mind- I had a plan...............
When I was over in Edinburgh I met a local decorator- Jane- from Sweet Unique. When Kate and I were looking at her website one day- Kate commented on a fabulous cake that was on the site- so I had a thought.... What if I organised this cake to be delivered to Kate for her Birthday- as a surprise??? Well, after meeting Jane and seeing how totally fabulous she was- I asked her If I could order the cake, and if she had time to make the cake and deliver it on Kate's Birthday! Which she did! So I set about like a secret squirrel- organising the cake with Jane- and getting the order sorted before I headed back to Australia!

On Kate's Birthday I had to wait all day with anticipation- and excitement that a cake was going to be delivered very soon!
With the 9 hour delay- between Brisbane and Edinburgh- it seemed like forever! I almost couldn't keep the secret any longer- as I received a phone call from Kate in the Early morning- Edinburgh time- which was about 5pm Brisbane time- but I was good- and didn't say a word!
Almost two long hours later- Kate Messaged me to thank me for the Cake! She was very surprised!

Jane did such a fantastic Job on the cake! Even Kate remarked that it was better than my cakes- Cheeky Monkey!

I can certainly say that I wish I could make a cake this great! It looks magic!
So Kate and her friends got to enjoy a fabulous cake- and I am now forever indebted to Jane for helping me with this awesome surprise!

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