Saturday, 20 December 2008

My turn............

As everyone was gearing up for Xmas this week- I was getting ready for my Birthday! Being born just 8 days short of xmas has its good points and its bad. This year it had great points though! As I received messages from friends and family for my birthday- a common question arose " Who is making your cake??" . I often make my own- because I get to try out new ideas on myself- but this year I was blessed with not one- but TWO cakes organised for me!!!

To give you a bit of a background into the story- the first cake was made by some fabulous Chef friends of mine. I have made them both cakes in the past- and this time they ( Natalie and Tanya K) took on the challenge of making a cake for me!! I was so excited. Natalie and Tanya made a tier each- the assembled it- drove incredibly slowly to my house ( where it had a brief cool down in my cake room) before being transported to the Restaurant for dinner!
The design was totally secret squirrels- but I was told NOT to make my own cake as it was all under control. And it was! Unbeknown to me- my sister had heard my cries over the years for a Baskin Robbins Ice cream cake- and although out west with her job- organised a cake for me to be ready and at the restaurant! Go Kate!

As my birthday fell mid week- we had a dinner at Efe's One restaurant at Albion last night. If you have never been here-GO! I have delivered cakes here before and had heard such fabulous reviews from my clients- and this restaurant delivered- Belly dancing and all. The food was fabulous and the wait staff friendly.

We had so much food- thank god for the dessert stomach! With two cakes to cut and consume I was amazed we all managed to fit it in!
The base cake of my two tier cake was a rich chocolate mud cake- layered with ganache with chocolate scrolls around the sides. the top layer was a white mud cake with white chocolate ganache and "s a r a h j a n e" chocolate lollipops coming out the top!

The Ice cream cake had my favourite- Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream- and Cookie Dough ice cream inside. There was almost 1/2 cake left over- and my sister Kate- who felt so sorry for the staff working in the hot Kitchen - donated the left over cake to them. I am sure they all appreciated it!

A huge thank you to both Natalie and Tanya- for putting yourselves through stress and frustration- to create me a fabulous cake! It was amazing!
And a Big thanks to Kate ( and Steve) for getting me the ice cream cake after all of these years! ;)

So if you wanted to know what a cake decorators birthday cake looks like- this is it! Not one- but two!


Rachel said...

Happy birthday!

The Cake Maker said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Sarah-Jane!