Sunday, 21 December 2008

Celebrations all round!

I got so caught up in writing about my birthday- I forgot to tell you all about the cakes from last week!
With the temperature heating up- and wedding season finally slowing down- last week was once again one filled with both Wedding and Special Birthday cakes!

The first cake was bold and bright! Inside was a Vanilla and Raspberry HD Sponge cake- layered with vanilla Butter cream! Iced in Fire engine Red icing, and with black and silver detail- this cake was all about class. The name on top of the cake was formed from icing- to match the font the Birthday Girl loved!

I also had another birthday cake- this time for a lady who shared my same birth date!

A cupcake tower in a pink and orange theme- with a Wicked chocolate top tier- exploding with chocolate lollipops. I love this crazy style design- both fun and edible!

On Sunday I had a Wedding in the City- what a fabulous day- not a cloud in the sky- and not too hot either!

The cupcake tower was made from a hand dawn design - by the clients. Mocha and Chocolate were the main colour theme- so each cake was iced in either colour- with contrasting dots piped into each one. The top tier featured irregular circles cover the tier in the three colours.

Sunday wasn't the end of my week- it was just the beginning!
I was sending a cake to New Zealand on Tuesday- so I spent Sunday getting everything ready for that.

The cake was a Mad Hatter design- being carried as hand Luggage- all the way from Brisbane to Nelson- on the southern end of the south Island.
This is not the first time I have sent a cake abroad- but the first time I have sent a Mad Hatter. I came to making this cake through my sister Alex. Her boyfriends sister was the Bride- and Alex asked me if I could make them a cake to take over for the wedding. A Mad Hatter design was the furthest idea from my mind- not to mention the figurines. I usually like to send "simple" designs long distance- as I feel that there is a slimmer chance of damage to the cake.

Seeing as the cake was a carved Made hatter design- I threw caution to the wind and made the cake just as I would for a local event.
The theme was Baby Pink Black and White. Kelly- the Bride to be- had mentioned the cakes she liked on my site- but ultimately left the end design up to me.

With a striped overlay on the base tier- and random mixed sized cachous on the top- the cake was completed with a Black sugar ribbon and Bow- and a set of Cartoon toppers sitting on the edge.

I made the toppers onto the cake ( usually I make them separately and attach them once dry)- so that they were well and truly stuck down for the journey.

I am excited to say that the cake cleared customs with flying colours, and safely survived both the 3+hour flight and the 5 hour drive to the venue location.

I am looking forward to hearing how the cake went at the reception!

Counting down the days until Xmas...........

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The Cake Maker said...

Look forward to next years cakes... hope you have a great Christmas!